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// cache1d.h

#ifndef cache1d_h_
#define cache1d_h_

#include "compat.h"
#include "mutex.h"

#ifdef __cplusplus
extern "C" {

int32_t cache1d_file_fromzip(int32_t fil);
extern char *kpzbuf;
extern int32_t kpzbufsiz;

void    initcache(intptr_t dacachestart, int32_t dacachesize);
void    allocache(intptr_t *newhandle, int32_t newbytes, char *newlockptr);
void    agecache(void);

extern int32_t pathsearchmode;  // 0 = gamefs mode (default), 1 = localfs mode (editor's mode)
char *listsearchpath(int32_t initp);
#define addsearchpath(a) addsearchpath_user(a, 0)
int32_t     addsearchpath_user(const char *p, int32_t user);
int32_t     removesearchpath(const char *p);
void     removesearchpaths_withuser(int32_t usermask);
int32_t         findfrompath(const char *fn, char **where);
int32_t     openfrompath(const char *fn, int32_t flags, int32_t mode);
BFILE  *fopenfrompath(const char *fn, const char *mode);

int32_t initgroupfile(const char *filename);
void    uninitgroupfile(void);
int32_t kopen4load(const char *filename, char searchfirst);     // searchfirst: 0 = anywhere, 1 = first group, 2 = any group
int32_t kread(int32_t handle, void *buffer, int32_t leng);
int32_t klseek(int32_t handle, int32_t offset, int32_t whence);
int32_t kfilelength(int32_t handle);
int32_t ktell(int32_t handle);
void    kclose(int32_t handle);

void krename(int32_t crcval, int32_t filenum, const char *newname);

typedef struct { intptr_t *hand; int32_t leng; char *lock ; } cactype;

enum {
        CACHE1D_FIND_FILE = 1,
        CACHE1D_FIND_DIR = 2,
        CACHE1D_FIND_DRIVE = 4,

        CACHE1D_OPT_NOSTACK = 0x100,
        // the lower the number, the higher the priority
        CACHE1D_SOURCE_PATH = 2,        // + path stack depth
        CACHE1D_SOURCE_ZIP = 0x7ffffffe,
        CACHE1D_SOURCE_GRP = 0x7fffffff,
typedef struct _CACHE1D_FIND_REC {
        char *name;
        int32_t type, source;
        struct _CACHE1D_FIND_REC *next, *prev, *usera, *userb;
void klistfree(CACHE1D_FIND_REC *rec);
CACHE1D_FIND_REC *klistpath(const char *path, const char *mask, int32_t type);

int32_t kdfread(void *buffer, bsize_t dasizeof, bsize_t count, int32_t fil);
#if 0
int32_t dfread(void *buffer, bsize_t dasizeof, bsize_t count, BFILE *fil);
void    kdfwrite(const void *buffer, bsize_t dasizeof, bsize_t count, int32_t fil);
void    dfwrite(const void *buffer, bsize_t dasizeof, bsize_t count, BFILE *fil);

#ifdef __cplusplus

#endif // cache1d_h_