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// game.h

void    operatesector(short dasector);
void    operatesprite(short dasprite);
int changehealth(short snum, short deltahealth);
void    changenumbombs(short snum, short deltanumbombs);
void    changenummissiles(short snum, short deltanummissiles);
void    changenumgrabbers(short snum, short deltanumgrabbers);
void    drawstatusflytime(short snum);
void    drawstatusbar(short snum);
void    prepareboard(char *daboardfilename);
void    checktouchsprite(short snum, short sectnum);
void    checkgrabbertouchsprite(short snum, short sectnum);
void    shootgun(short snum, const vec3_t *vector, short daang, int dahoriz, short dasectnum, char guntype);
void    analyzesprites(int dax, int day);
void    tagcode(void);
void    statuslistcode(void);
void    activatehitag(short dahitag);
void    bombexplode(int i);
void    processinput(short snum);
void    view(short snum, vec3_t *v, short *vsectnum, short ang, int horiz);
void    drawscreen(short snum, int dasmoothratio);
void    movethings(void);
void    fakedomovethings(void);
void    fakedomovethingscorrect(void);
void    domovethings(void);
void    getinput(void);
void    initplayersprite(short snum);
void    playback(void);
void    setup3dscreen(void);
void    findrandomspot(int *x, int *y, short *sectnum);
void    warp(int *x, int *y, int *z, short *daang, short *dasector);
void    warpsprite(short spritenum);
void    initlava(void);
void    movelava(char *dapic);
void    doanimations(void);
int getanimationgoal(int *animptr);
int setanimation(int *animptr, int thegoal, int thevel, int theacc);
void    checkmasterslaveswitch(void);
int testneighborsectors(short sect1, short sect2);
int loadgame(void);
int savegame(void);
void    faketimerhandler(void);
void    getpackets(void);
void    drawoverheadmap(int cposx, int cposy, int czoom, short cang);
int movesprite(short spritenum, int dx, int dy, int dz, int ceildist, int flordist, int clipmask);
void    waitforeverybody(void);
void    searchmap(short startsector);
void    setinterpolation(int *posptr);
void    stopinterpolation(int *posptr);
void    updateinterpolations(void);
void    dointerpolations(void);
void    restoreinterpolations(void);
void    printext(int x, int y, char *buffer, short tilenum /*, char invisiblecol*/);
void    drawtilebackground(/*int thex, int they,*/ short tilenum, signed char shade, int cx1, int cy1, int cx2, int cy2, char dapalnum);

extern short brightness;
extern int fullscreen;
#define NUMOPTIONS 8
#define NUMGAMEKEYS 20
extern unsigned char option[NUMOPTIONS];
extern unsigned char keys[NUMGAMEKEYS];