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** $Id: lpcode.h,v 1.8 2016/09/15 17:46:13 roberto Exp $

#if !defined(lpcode_h)
#define lpcode_h

#include "elua.h"

#include "lptypes.h"
#include "lptree.h"
#include "lpvm.h"

int tocharset (TTree *tree, Charset *cs);
int checkaux (TTree *tree, int pred);
int fixedlen (TTree *tree);
int hascaptures (TTree *tree);
int lp_gc (lua_State *L);
Instruction *compile (lua_State *L, Pattern *p);
void realloccode (lua_State *L, Pattern *p, int nsize);
int sizei (const Instruction *i);

#define PEnullable      0
#define PEnofail        1

** nofail(t) implies that 't' cannot fail with any input

#define nofail(t)       checkaux(t, PEnofail)

** (not nullable(t)) implies 't' cannot match without consuming
** something

#define nullable(t)     checkaux(t, PEnullable)