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The aliens have returned to spoil the holiday season for all of the little
boys and girls. After successfully brainwashing Santa and turning him into
their evil minion, the aliens are threatening to take over the world.
Realizing that they need assistance, the aliens team up with FEM
(Female Elven Militia).

A telegram alerts Duke Nukem to the horrible plan.  Without any hesitation,
Duke springs into action.


Deja Vu - A familiar winterized version of the original, only backwards!
Where It All Began - Los Angeles with snow?  What are the aliens up to?
Land of Forgotten Toys - Welcome to the frozen tundra, Duke.
Santa's Corporate HQ - Check Santa's list to see if you've been naughty or nice.
The Backdoor - There's always a way in, but sometimes you have to get a little bit wet.
Christmas Village - The villagers here don't appear to be very friendly.
Here Comes Santa Claus - And he's packing some holiday punch.