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Unfortunately, I do not understand how to make scripts for Linux and Mac OS X.  If you want to run NW+:
1. Copy only NWINTER.GRP from your Nuclear Winter CD to your EDuke32 directory.  It should be found in the GAMEDATA/ directory.
2. Extract the maps from NWINTER.GRP using kextract.  The syntax is "kextract NWINTER.GRP *.MAP".  Binaries for x86 Win32 and x86 Linux have been included.  This program's source is included with EDuke32.  To compile it, first compile EDuke32 following the steps at the wiki (  Then type "make" in the "build/" directory.
3. Rename the maps' E2L prefix to nwl ("mv E2L*.MAP nwl*.map" should do it).
4. Patch the maps using uips. ( The syntax is "uips a <ips> <map>".  Binaries for x86 Win32 and x86 Linux have been included.
5. Put the Duke3D HRP, Update Pack, XXX Pack if so desired, and Music Pack in autoload/duke3d.grp/
6. Run EDuke32 with either Duke or Santa command line options...

Normal Mode:

eduke32 /xNWEDuke.con /hnwinter.def /gNWINTER.GRP /

XXX Mode:

eduke32 /xNWEDuke.con /hnw_xxx.def /gNWINTER.GRP /

If you can provide me any assistance with the production of scripts for these OSs, please contact me using the methods specified in the readme.