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 Q% Duke: Nuclear Winter Plus Readme Q%


          % by Hendricks266 %


This readme file is best viewed in Courier New, Regular, Any Size, in a Unicode compatible plain text editor/viewer.

Any modern web browser should also display the file correctly.

[0.0.0] Table of Contents:

[1.0.0] Installation

[2.0.0] Running NW+

[3.0.0] Important Info

[4.0] Change Log

  [4.1.0] NWHRP v1.0

  [4.1.1] NWHRP v1.1 (v1.5)

  [4.1.3] NWHRP v1.3 (v2.0)

  [4.1.5] NWHRP v1.5 (v2.5)

  [4.1.5a] NWHRP v1.5a (v2.5a)

  [4.1.6] NWHRP v1.6 (v3.0)

  [4.1.8] NWHRP v1.8 (v3.5)

  [4.2.0] NW+ v2.0

  [4.X.0] NW+ Subversion Repository

[5.0.0] Individual Tile Credits

  [5.1.0] Textures, Signs, Decals

  [5.2.0] Models

  [5.3.0] Skyboxes

  [5.4.0] Music

  [5.5.0] Sounds

  [5.6.0] Cutscenes

  [5.7.0] 8-Bit Art

  [5.8.0] Map Patching

  [5.9.0] Resources from Duke3D HRP

  [5.10.0] Other Resources

[6.0.0]  How can I help? 

[7.0.0] Credits

[8.0.0] Links

[9.0.0] Contact Info

[1.0.0] Installation:

To download, or "check out" the pack, use a Subversion (SVN) client and point it to to the NW+ SVN repository:

Then, run NWinter.bat.

NW+ is compatible with the Duke3D HRP, update packs, XXX packs, music packs, and more.

See the following links for help:



[2.0.0] Running NW+:

This file was made so that you have to change absolutely *NOTHING* within your

existing HRP. All you have to do is run NWinter.bat and all of the grunt work

will be taken care of.

[3.0.0] Important Info:

"  "Duke: Nuclear Winter Plus" is organized similarly to the main Duke3D HRP folder structure.

"  Do *NOT* use maphacks from the original HRP! These are meant for the official episodes *ONLY*!

"  I am merely collecting stuff that pops up in the forums or elsewhere; I do *NOT* claim

  to have created every single piece of art contained within this file! See the

  credits section below in order to see where the tiles came from.

[4.0.0] Change Log:

This is the timeline of when a piece of artwork or other content was added to NW+.

  [4.1.0] NWHRP v1.0 - 2006-09-24

  "  e2l1.mhk-e2l8.mhk:

    · These are all dummy maphacks that exist because the NW maps are named the same as the Atomic ones.


    · The only changes made to this are for the episode select screen. You have two choices: Santamatch (Ep. 1) or Nuclear Winter (Ep. 2).


    · I fixed many bugs in this CON file. One caused an error in the CON parser. All others caused unnecessary slowdowns.

  "  nwinter\undef.def:

    · Undefinitions created to enable viewing of changed content if there is no HRP replacement.

  "  nwinter\copies.def:

    · This is for tiles that have a duplicate of themselves in the extra art (exempli gratia: TILES014.ART & TILES015.ART).

  "  nwinter\screen\menu:

    · 2502-2503 (Nuclear Winter Insignia)

    · 3240-3249 (End of Level Screen)

  "  nwinter\sprites\signs:

    · 3830 (Sloppy Red "NAUGHTY")

  [4.1.1] NWHRP v1.1 (v1.5) - 2006-12-03

  "  e2l1.mhk-e2l2.mhk:

    · These two contain a very small amount of maphacks that I did quite a while ago. Currently, they don't suffice.

  "  nwinter\textures:

    · 3606 (Wooden Desk)

    · 3607-3612 (Various Wooden Surfaces)

    · 3695 (Rubble)

    · 3726 (Wooden Surface)

  "  nwinter\sprites\signs:

    · 3671 (KayWhy Sign)

  "  nwinter\copies.def:

    · Added a bunch of things while I did the to-do list that I missed before.

  "  NWinter.ico:

    · This is the icon that came with NW for the launcher and installer. Use it for the batch file, or whatever.

  "  NWinter_HRP_To_Do.txt:

    · This is the To-Do list for NW+. It will be included with each version. I will not reference updates to it in the Change Log.

  [4.1.3] NWHRP v1.3 (v2.0) - 2007-02-03

  "  nwinter\textures:

    · 3661 (Crate w\ Snow on Top)

    · 3670 (Bluish Ice)

  "  nwinter\sprites\props:

    · 3595 (Playing Cards)

  "  nwinter\sprites\signs:

    · 3659 ("SANTA CLAWS" Movie Billboard)

  [4.1.5] NWHRP v1.5 (v2.5) - 2007-03-17 (St. Patrick's Day)

  "  e2l1.mhk-e2l8.mhk:

    · I removed the maphack code and replaced it with a note that says that these are only stubs,

      because all of the corrections will be taken care of in the map patching process.

  "  nwinter\textures:

    · 3594 (Crate with "COAL")

    · 3661 (Crate w\ Snow on Top) [Enhanced]

    · 3695 (Rubble) [Enhanced]

    · 3729 (Dart Board w\ Black BG)

    · 3758 (Metal Bars & Grooves)

  "  nwinter\screen\menu:

    · 2492 (3D Realms Screen - NW+ Screen)

    · 2502-2503 (Nuclear Winter Insignia) [Re-Done]

  "  nwinter\sprites\props:

    · 3662 (Wooden Slats)

    · 3728 (Dart Board), 3795 (Playing Cards)

  "  nwinter\sprites\signs:

    · 3658 ("NAUGHTY!" Billboard)

    · 3660 ("SANTA CLAWS" Poster)

  "  nwinter\copies.def:

    · Added #3627-3631 (Top Half of Front-View Stripper), but left commented out due to uncertainty of the file path in HRP v3.

  "  nwinter\textures.def:

    · Fixed a really retarded bug in which everything in nwinter\textures wasn't included.

  [4.1.5a] NWHRP v1.5a (v2.5a) - 2007-03-18

  "  I forgot to add duke3d.def, nwinter_hrp.def, e2l1.mhk-e2l8.mhk, NWACTOR.CON, and NWUSER.CON to Fixed.

  [4.1.6] NWHRP v1.6 (v3.0) - 2008-02-22

  "  Detail textures for all applicable tiles are now defined with the release of HRP v3.

  "  NWACTOR.CON and NWUSER.CON renamed to NWActor.con and NWUser.con.

  "  NWinter.con, NWDefs.con, and NWSnow.con added just for the heck of it.

  "  nwinter\screen\menu:

    · 2492 (3D Realms Screen - NW+ Screen) [Re-Done]

  "  nwinter\copies.def:

    · Removed 3686 after seeing that there were some modifications.

    · 3704-3708 (Cloudy Skies)

    · 3627-3631 (Top Half of Front-View Stripper) [Uncommented]

    · 3984-3991 (Santa's Gun)

    · 1470-1473 (Rear-View Stripper Screen)

  "  nwinter\sprites\signs:

    · 3686 (Mock "Lunar Apocalypse" Poster)

  "  nwinter\screen\fonts:

    · snowy replacements for redfont and digital.  If you need red in a custom map, use pal 30.

  [4.1.8] NWHRP v1.8 (v3.5) - 2008-12-25

  "  nwinter\music:

    ·  At Doom's Gate  by Bobby Prince

    · all other music by Matéos

  "  nwinter\

    · NWL1 map from NW demo, slightly different

  "  NWUser.con:

    · added episode 1: Nuclear Winter Demo

    · re-added an unused sound effect (416.voc), supposed to be for the ending cutscene

  "  nwinter\textures:

    · 3594 (Crate with "COAL") Redone, because I found the actual font used.

    · 3613 (Black\White Gradient)

    · 3622 (Snow on Ground ?)

    · 3646/3669 (Snow on Ground)

    · 3720-3722 (Underwater Brick)

    · 3739-3741 (Underwater Door)

    · 3769 (Glass w\ Icicles)

    · 3770 (Rock w\ Icicles)

    · 3790 ("Toys for Poor Kids" Crate) I found the actual font used.

    · 3791 ("Toys for Rich Kids" Crate) I found the actual font used.

  "  nwinter\decals:

    · 3672 (Billiards Hole)

  "  nwinter\copies.def:

    · 3632-3636 (Steam from Ceiling)

  "  nwinter\undef.def:

    · added 2504 (NW Credits), missed it in initial passthrough

  "  nwinter\screen\fonts:

    · missed some of the snowy punctuation in the DEFs. Fixed.

  "  nwinter\screen\menu:

    · 2492 (3D Realms Screen - NW+ Screen) Replaced NW logo.  .png instead of .jpg.  1600x1200 instead of 1024x768.

    · 2502-2503 (Nuclear Winter Insignia)  The second-best version.  Much truer to the original than v2, and not scaled up like v1.

  "  nwinter\sprites\props:

    · 3656 (Snowy Door Shock)

  "  nwinter\sprites\signs:

    · 3827 (Duke: Nuclear Winter Demo Sign)

  "  NWEDuke.con:

    · Added so that modders could have an easier time creating addon-themed levels.

  "  NWinter.con:

    · game name

    · added a special treat to NWL3

  "  nwinter\extra:

    · Created so that imperfect images are not lost to history, and so that WIPs can be distributed easily.

  [4.2.0] NW+ v2.0 - 2010-05-02

  "  nwinter

    · all images have been losslessly optimized

    · normal maps added where applicable

    · maps now automatically get extracted from NWINTER.GRP and renamed to nwl*.map, instead of e2l*.map

      · this fixes maphack incompatibilities, and cfg-based personal score times conflicts

    · annihiliated vanilla cutscenes

    · removed vanilla story and credits panels, as they weren't relevant

    · New ambient wind sounds have been added to the maps!

  "  nwuninst.bat

    · uninstaller added at request of a user

  "  nw_xxx.def

    · XXX mode!

    · Nothing in it yet.

  "  nwinter\8bit:

    · created for 8-bit tile replacement because the ARTs cannot be redistributed

    · 2472-2481 (White Digitalfont)

    · 2930-2965, 3002-3009, 3022 (White Redfont)

    · 3240-3244 (End of Episode 1, 3-7 Screen) I replaced this one with the special NW one for Episode 2.

    · 3293 (End of Episode 2 Screen - Epilogue) two typos fixed: where->were, christmas->Christmas.

    · 3591 ("Clause Residence" [sic]) typo fixed: Clause->Claus.

    · 3785 ("MEDIOCRE LINGUINI LAND" [sic]) typo fixed: LINGUINI->LINGUINE.

    · 1956 (Floating Snowman Death Frame) Before, this was a blank tile.  Thanks to Cap'n, he has a new frame!

  "  nwinter\copies:

    · checked for newer status in HRP v4 and Polymer pack

  "  nwinter\screen\fonts:

    · snowy digitalfont removed because a newer version of the normal red color was made

  "  nwinter\screen\menu:

    · 2492 (3D Realms Screen - NW+ Screen) new insignia

    · 2502-2503 (Nuclear Winter Insignia) actual font!

  "  nwinter\sounds:

    · FLY_BY - Opening Cutscene

    · WIND54 - Ending Cutscene

  "  nwinter\sprites\characters:

    · 3598-3599, 3784 (Mario Joke)

    · 3603-3605 (Mario Kart Joke)

  "  nwinter\sprites\ice:

    · created, but empty.

  "  nwinter\sprites\decals:

    · 3774 (White Footprint)

  "  nwinter\sprites\gibs:

    · "jibs" now has a correct spelling

  "  nwinter\sprites\props:

    · 3600-3602 (Fences)

    · 3689 (Information Ticker)

    · 3690 (Information Ticker With Pole)

    · 3782 (White Present)

    · 3786 (Red Present)

  "  nwinter\music:

    · new Roland Sound Canvas SC-55 OGGs by MusicallyInspired

    · for title screen/main menu theme, added the Gremlin Rag, by Jerry Goldsmith

  "  nwinter\textures:

    · 3622 (Ice on Ground) removed from co-definition

    · 3646/3669 (Snow on Ground) normal map from CrazyBump

    · 3661 (Crate w\ Icicles) higher resolution

    · 3594 (Crate with "COAL") higher resolution

    · 3790 ("Toys for Poor Kids" Crate) higher resolution

    · 3791 ("Toys for Rich Kids" Crate) higher resolution

  "  NWinter.con:

    · eliminated rogue ambient cutscene sounds

    · gave the code for XMASPRESENT, HALFBITCH, SLUTASS, MALEGEEK, and FEMALEGEEK an overhaul

    · added WOODENHORSE2, NWSTEAM, and XMASPRESENT2 actors

    · in NWL3, the doorshocks display the previously unused snowy version

    · TEN screen reenabled (NW Credits)

    · incorporated Jonah Bishop's Unofficial CON Fixes

    · new enemies automatically resize on level load

    · fixed a bug where the two snowmen in the lava pit in NWL5 didn't initialize properly (they are the wrong tilenum)

    · The ringing phone in NWL1 can now be answered.  The player is greeted to the voice of Lo Wang, who is currently in an airport in Asia.

    · added a second special treat to NWL3

    · The new babe versions (HALFBITCH, SLUTASS) are now just as "interactive" as their full counterparts.

    · The new babes also receive the same parental lock treatment as their full counterparts.

  "  NWSanta.con & nwinter\nwsanta:

    · Instead of overriding TILES005.ART to make Duke look like Santa, a flag is set to display different tiles.

      · This allows on-the-fly character switching (via the console), and eliminates the MP lookalike bug.

      · Unfortunately, it creates a bug that can only be fixed by undefining the Duke model, or making a Santa model.

  "  NWActor.con:

    · Santa spawns Santa gibs!  Previously impossible without EVENT_ANIMATESPRITES.

    · The snowball has had its "wackplayer" command linked to "state headhitstate" and as such is disabled, due to information from the wiki.

    · For mappers, the gift boxes now spawn the item referenced in its hitag, if there is one.


    · The commanders at the base of the lava pit are now functional.

    · A nearly-empty jetpack has been added at the base of the pit, so you do not suicide.

    · The floor and ceiling of the crack at the beginning have been changed from a pal 4 rock texture to a naturally all-black tile, #3026, so that the HUD does not go black.

  [4.X.0] NW+ Subversion Repository

  "  The NW+ changelog following v2.0 is now contained in the logs of its SVN repo.

[5.0.0] Individual Tile Credits:

  [5.1.0] Textures, Signs, Decals

  "  chicken

    2492 (uses 2502), 2502-2503 (versions 3-4), 3646/3669, 3661, 3720-3722, 3739-3741 (previously), 3769, 3770, 3827

  "  Captain Awesome

    2502-2503 (version 2), 3240-3249 (actual work), 3595, 3658, 3659, 3660, 3662/3757, 3670, 3728, 3729, 3758, 3795, 3830

  "  Hendricks266

    2492, 2502-2503 (version 1), 3240-3249 (presented an example and found Christmas Tree), 3594, 3613, 3672, 3686, 3739-3741, 3774, 3790, 3791

    normal/specular maps: 3646/3669

  "  Alexander Filippov

    3606-3612, 3671, 3695, 3726 (previously)

  "  Matéos

    3622 (originally), 3646/3669 (originally)

  "  Parkar

    source release: 2492, 3240-3249

  [5.2.0] Models

  "  chicken

    3656 (skin)

  "  Hendricks266

    3598-3599+3784 (conversion, assembly)

    skins: 3689, 3690, 3782, 3786

  "  Flacken.WS

    3598-3599+3784 (skin recolor)

  "  Tea Monster

    3782, 3786

  "  Roma Loom


  [5.3.0] Skyboxes

  None have been submitted yet!

  [5.4.0] Music

  "  MusicallyInspired

    all level music

  "  Bobby Prince

     At Doom's Gate 

  "  Soyo Oka, Taro Bando

     Mario Circuit 

  [5.5.0] Sounds

  "  3D Realms, John Galt

    JG41075.VOC, JG42004.VOC, JG42019.VOC, JG42021.VOC

  "  Hendricks266



  [5.6.0] Cutscenes

  None have been submitted yet!

  [5.7.0] 8-Bit Art:

  "  Hendricks266

    recolors: 2472-2481, digital_minus, 2929-3022

    improvements: 3293, 3591, 3785

    edits: 3832-3834

  "  Captain Awesome


  [5.8.0] Map Patching

  "  Hendricks266:

    all maps

  [5.9.0] Resources from Duke3D HRP

  "  End of Level Screen (3240-3249) by Parkar

  "  Everything in copies.def

  "  A lot of art has been copied from the standard HRP and modified to fit the needs of the NW art.

  Duke3D       Addon

  79              3714-3718

  160            3656

  238            3770

  340            3758

  448            3739-3741

  504            3670, 3769

  550            3774

  742            3726

  748            3720-3722

  784            3659

  826            3686

  884            3594, 3661, 3666, 3790, 3791

  1211          3658

  4319          3695

  4453          3689, 3690

  4567          3661, 3769

  [5.10.0] Other Resources

  "  Christmas Tree (3240-3249) from some website...

  "  3D Realms screen background from somewhere (see 3DR thread).

  "  Some source textures in this tutorial are copyrighted by

    Permission to use and distribute these specific textures has been granted to the author of this texture pack.

    Textures downloaded from are copyrighted and may NOT be redistributed or sold.

    For more information and the full license please visit

[6.0.0]  How can I help? 

First, check the to-do list to see what is done and what needs to be done.  

For the most accurate version, check the website.

Second, check the nwinter/extra folder to see if there is a WIP.

Third, make sure that if you take art from somewhere, check its license first!  

You should also cite any sources you used, especially another HRP tile.

Fourth, do not use any of the original 8-bit art in your final products.  

You may use the art as placeholders, but do not leave it in the final product.  

The exception to this rule is when a complex object (such as an enemy) has not been 

re-done.  It can be added to the interim release version.  However, once a replacement 

has become available, then you must use it instead of the original.

Fifth, make sure textures are exactly 4 times the original size of the tile.  In most cases, 

you should end up with a power of 2 texture (256x256, 512x512, 1024x512, et cetera).  However, 

if the original art has a weird resolution, then you should use the original ×4.  Model skins 

should be power of 2 as well.  It might work better for you if you created the tile in ×8 


Sixth, post the artwork at the thread.  If you do not have an account, 

e-mail the artwork to me (Hendricks266).  Tell me what you would like to be credited as.

Last, remember to back up your source .psd/.xcf files, and your source models.  It will 

make the above rules much easier. =D

[7.0.0] Credits:

"  Hendricks266

  (Author of this pack) .............................. See below for contact information.

Do not contact the following people concerning this pack. Contact them for issues within their authorship.

"  Parkar

  (Author of Duke3D HRP) ............................. parkar82 at gmail dot com

"  JonoF

  (Author of the JFDuke3D port) ...................... jf at jonof dot id dot au

"  TerminX

  (Author of the JFDuke3D-based EDuke32 port) ........ terminx at gmail dot com

[8.0.0] Links:

"  Hendricks266's Site (NW+, Vaca+, and more!)

"  Duke Nukem 3D High-Resolution Pack

"  EDuke32

[9.0.0] Contact Info:

If you need to contact me (Hendricks266):

First, look here:

AIM: TheHendricks266

MSN: Hendricks266 at hotmail dot com

email: Hendricks266 at gmail dot com

Change the  at  and  dot  to their respective characters (@ and .), and get rid of the spaces.


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