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I am not proficient with bash scripts, but I have included my attempt at providing the same level of support to Mac OS X and Linux as I do with my native OS, Windows.

Note that on Mac OS X, you will have to compile your own binaries using the instructions below and replace the string ".linux" in the installation script with nothing or any existing Mac prefix.  I'm truly sorry about this.

First, copy NWINTER.GRP to this directory and run

Then copy the nw_plus folder (Duke Plus if desired) and the other four .sh files to your EDuke32 directory.

The program starting is not a guarantee that NW+ is working.

If you have trouble, open the .sh in any editor to see what the command line strings are.

If you want to attempt manual installation, or need help along the way:
1. Copy only NWINTER.GRP from your Nuclear Winter CD to your EDuke32 directory.  It should be found in the GAMEDATA/ directory.
2. Extract the maps from NWINTER.GRP using kextract.  The syntax is "kextract NWINTER.GRP E2L*.MAP".  Binaries for x86 Win32 and x86 Linux have been included.  This program's source is included with EDuke32.  To compile it, first compile EDuke32 following the steps at the wiki (  Then type "make" in the "build/" directory.
3. Rename the maps' E2L prefix to nwl ("mv E2L*.MAP nwl*.map" might do it).
4. Patch the maps using uips. ( The syntax is "uips a <ips> <map>".  Binaries for x86 Win32 and x86 Linux have been included.
5. Put the Duke3D HRP, Update Pack, XXX Pack if so desired, and Music Pack in autoload/duke3d.grp/
6. Run EDuke32 with the command line options.

If you can provide me any assistance with preparations for these OSs, please contact me using the methods specified in the readme.