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8798 569d 23h ny00123 / SW: Revert the changes from JFSW commit 7d0deafe81b0ffa30d77cfe242e454f8b4487a1f
related to the definitions of RANDOM_NEG in bunny.cpp, ripper.cpp
and ripper2.cpp. Do so in a way that isn't re-introducing compiler
warnings. This partially fixes compatibility with demos made for SW 1.2.
Additionally, replace the 3 separate definitions of RANDOM_NEG
with a common one within game.h.
8797 569d 23h ny00123 / SW: Fix a few memory access errors related to demo support  
8796 569d 23h ny00123 / Add a workaround for possible rounding errors in calculations of
sintable and radarang. sintable[512] was different in a 32-bit build.
8795 570d 7h hendricks266 / Disable the call to WIN_UpdateClipCursorForWindows in WIN_PumpEvents

Achieved by hex-editing libSDL2.a to change a JE (0x74) to JMP (0xEB).

This should improve micro stuttering-issues on Windows. My settings:

r_vsync 2
r_maxfps 0
win_systemtimermode 1
win_performancemode 1
8794 570d 7h hendricks266 / Fix voxels defined with definemodel

Patch from Nuke.YKT.
8793 570d 7h hendricks266 / Replace hackish old PALETTE.DAT format detection with robust file length method  
8792 571d 19h ny00123 / Pack the struct SW_PACKET. While this makes demo playback
functional with existing demo files, the code is known
to be incompatible with demos made for SW 1.2.
8791 576d 9h hendricks266 / WT Incinerator projectile velocity hotfix from Nuke.YKT  
8790 576d 10h hendricks266 / Implement WT episode 5 ending  
8789 576d 10h hendricks266 / Implement WT's widescreen tiles  
8788 576d 10h hendricks266 / Implement hardcoded WT stuff

Includes the new weapon, enemy projectiles, and breakable objects.

Patch from Nuke.YKT.

I edited it some, mostly to add the proper "if (WORLDTOUR)" checks.
8787 576d 10h hendricks266 / Fix negative viewtypes to match what World Tour expects  
8786 576d 10h hendricks266 / Cleanup some Duke game logic, mostly to allow easier chaining to the default case  
8785 576d 10h hendricks266 / Fix mistake in .rc  
8784 581d 9h terminx / Update TinySoundFont to 21c07c0bcd702e7adf3db349ac926914b98d17ce  
8783 581d 9h terminx / Clean up audiolib format detection a little bit  
8782 581d 9h terminx / Misc audiolib cleanup changes

This was split from another commit to make the other commit clearer. These changes don't really do much of anything.
8781 583d 20h ny00123 / SW: Revert the automapping changes from r5207. Using engine-side code
brought back in r7873, this should restore the behaviors of DOS v1.2.
8780 583d 20h ny00123 / Add set of polymost2d to 0 which was missed in r8711 to resizeglcheck.
Fixes tiled automap rendering in SW, without breaking the status bar
as in the case of r8766.
8779 583d 20h ny00123 / Revert the change of call to FAF_DrawRooms into a conditional one,
as done in r8766, since this breaks status bar output in tiled
overhead map with Polymost. Do add comment about this for now.

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