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3521 3164d 10h helixhorned / Lunatic Makefile.deps: make game.c depend on defs.ilua.

Since the size of defs.ilua's bytecode is used in game.c.
3520 3164d 10h helixhorned / Lunatic: export C functions that may call into CON events using the Lua C API.

We must not call these functions using the FFI, since the Lua state is
considered locked across such calls.
3519 3164d 10h helixhorned / Lunatic: begin fixing up the code because it's now actually live!  
3518 3164d 10h helixhorned / Lunatic translator: keep states, game{vars, arrays} in tables instead of locals.

Since it's too easy to hit the 200 locals limit.
3517 3164d 10h helixhorned / Lunatic: compile defs.ilua as bytecode and load it from the executable.  
3516 3164d 10h helixhorned / Lunatic translator: nearing a workable state...

- some more outer commands
- gamearray persistence
- faster 'mod': use math.modf instead of math.fmod (the former is JIT-compiled)
- checkavail*
- THISACTOR special handling
- Fix building in Windows (export A_ShootWithZvel instead of A_Shoot).
3515 3167d 7h helixhorned / Lunatic translator: eventloadactor.  
3514 3167d 7h helixhorned / gameexec.c: factor out 2x used code into VM_KillIt.

Also, for Lunatic, handle killit from events.
3513 3167d 7h helixhorned / Lunatic translator: switch statement.  
3512 3167d 7h helixhorned / Lunatic translator: qgetsysstr.  
3511 3167d 7h helixhorned / Lunatic translator: fix quote commands, taking care of corner cases. Add test.  
3510 3167d 7h helixhorned / CON qstrcpy: don't call strcpy() with identical source and destination quotes.

Thus making the identical source and destination quote number case into the
expected no-op instead of being undefined behavior.
3509 3169d 5h helixhorned / Mapster32: add "movement by one" debugging functionality via a.m32.

If m32script gamevar "move_by_one" is nonzero, the some keys move the
"player arrow" by increments of 1:
- Without SHIFT: LEFT/RIGHT absolute x, DOWN/UP absolute y, A/Z absolute z.
- With SHIFT: DOWN/UP (unbounded!) horiz, LEFT/RIGHT angle.

This can be useful to debug renderer bugs that show a high sensitivity to the
exact location ("are transient in space").
3508 3170d 10h helixhorned / Disable playing RTS sounds until a crash can be resolved.

See comments in the source for details.
3507 3170d 10h helixhorned / Lunatic translator: qsprintf.  
3506 3170d 10h helixhorned / CON qsprintf: fix specifying more than one "%s" conversion.

Also, slightly better, though still inadequate checking.
3505 3170d 10h helixhorned / CON: don't accept read-only vars for first arg of qstrlen.  
3504 3170d 10h helixhorned / Lunatic translator: a couple of quote commands, while*n.  
3503 3170d 10h helixhorned / Lunatic translator: gamearrays.  
3502 3170d 10h helixhorned / Game -v and -l cmdline opts: cast the numbers to unsigned first for paranoia.  

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