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4343 2772d 22h hendricks266 / Build system: Detect the SVN revision and generate rev.h directly from the Makefile, if applicable.  
4342 2772d 22h hendricks266 / Synthesis: Merge "sdk" package back into the game.  
4341 2772d 22h hendricks266 / Further optimize our SDL_Renderer for 8-bit by making the SDL_Texture SDL_TEXTUREACCESS_STATIC, saving some RAM without any loss of functionality.  
4340 2773d 5h terminx / Fix texcache  
4339 2773d 5h terminx / Indicate MSVC in build string  
4338 2775d 10h helixhorned / engine.c: always setup blending table whenever drawing translucent objects.

4337 2775d 10h helixhorned / Lunatic: engine.setupDebugBasePal(), auto-detect 2nd+ shadexfog.translate().

engine.setupDebugBasePal() set up the water base palette such each of the first
15 "ramps" of 16 consecutive colors has a single, "representative" color. For
example, color indices 0-15 and black, 16-31 are dark gray.
In shadexfog.lua, list remappings from LOOKUP.DAT that are expressible as
remappings of 16-tuples.
4336 2778d 11h helixhorned / Lunatic: add engine.saveLookupDat() and document, related tweaks.

- Mapster32: before loading LOOKUP.DAT, set palookup[0][239]=239 to
make an identity map of the base shade table's shade 0
- Rewrite color index remapping case of makepalookup() for clarity

4335 2778d 11h helixhorned / In loadlookups(), look for gap of 4 consecutive unused pals for fog pals.

As opposed to the previous way, where the first fog pals was <numlookups>+1,
where <numlookups> is the first byte value of LOOKUP.DAT. This allows to
pack e.g. lookups [1 .. 25] and [30 .. <lastpal>] into LOOKUP.DAT and have fog
pals be generated at pals [26 .. 29] (i.e. the additional lookups don't
shift the fog pals, making user maps depending on these numbers not look as
4334 2778d 11h helixhorned / Factor out common parts of loading LOOKUP.DAT into engine.c:loadlookups().

Also, error if didn't read enough data and account for TITLE and REALMS
swap between basepal number and on-disk order (sigh).
4333 2778d 11h helixhorned / Lunatic: rewrite shadexfog.create_128_trans to allow creating fewer tables.

It must be a power of two in [2 .. 128]. Rewrite test/sprite_access.con's
liztroop example to account for that.
Also, add function shadexfog.create_trans() which aceepts a function
(r,g,b,R,G,B) -> blended (r,g,b) and rewrite shadexfog.create_additive_trans()
in terms of it.
4332 2778d 11h helixhorned / Lunatic: in shade table 'remap16' method, allow sparse table, document it.

Add shadexfog.createremap() convenience function.
4331 2781d 14h helixhorned / Lunatic: in engine.savePaletteDat(), open file in binary mode. BUILD_LUNATIC.  
4330 2782d 9h helixhorned / add Mapster32 to Lunatic preview package. BUILD_LUNATIC.

There's no separate SDK package, unlike for the regular builds.
4329 2782d 9h helixhorned / Lunatic: disallow saving map-text files in Mapster32 for now.  
4328 2782d 9h helixhorned / Amend r4318: Lunatic doesn't need the safety check.  
4327 2783d 12h terminx / Support "r_windowpositioning" in SDL builds.  
4326 2783d 22h hendricks266 / MSVC: Set up support for SDL2. DONT_BUILD.  
4325 2783d 23h terminx / Fix 64-bit MSVC builds. DONT_BUILD.  
4324 2784d 0h hendricks266 / Fix 32-bit MSVC builds. DONT_BUILD.  

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