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4624 2575d 20h terminx / Use option name for menubar title for options that display as a separate menu page with a scrolling list  
4623 2575d 20h terminx / More Polymost cleanup, also consolidate tilesizx and tilesizy into a single tilesiz vec2_t to ensure both x and y are always in the same cache line. I may add a new vec2_16t later. Still need to take care of emulating the old flat array for the sake of CON access.  
4622 2575d 20h terminx / r_showfps 2, displaying min and max fps  
4621 2575d 20h terminx / Remove some #if 0'd functions from audiolib  
4620 2575d 20h terminx / Fix build error  
4619 2575d 20h terminx / Clean up the "X" variants of malloc and friends to avoid unncessary function calls and parameter passing  
4618 2575d 20h terminx / Make glColor3f() available as bglColor3f()  
4617 2575d 20h terminx / Remove "volatile" qualifier from mouse related variables, no longer required after the long ago removal of the hack that polled mouse input in a separate thread  
4616 2575d 20h terminx / Next time I'll test with sound enabled when attempting to fix a warning in audiolib ;)  
4615 2575d 20h terminx / Add new headers to VS project  
4614 2575d 20h terminx / Respect ud.bgstretch when displaying the title screen during netplay  
4613 2575d 20h terminx / On Android, remove the counter that automatically proceeds from the startup screen to the main menu and require a button press instead.  
4612 2575d 20h terminx / Don't display QUOTE_F1HELP on Android when starting a new game with the shareware version.  
4611 2575d 20h terminx / Change vid_brightness/contrast/gamma cvars to float vs double and do the same for OSD text scaling  
4610 2575d 20h terminx / Allow loading the header from savegames with a different version. This is needed to allow starting a new game on the episode/level/skill saved in an incompatible savegame.  
4609 2575d 20h terminx / WIP menu restructuring and updates. Revolt is in the air...  
4608 2575d 20h terminx / Fix a compile warning  
4607 2575d 20h terminx / Extra files for previous commits  
4606 2575d 20h terminx / Extra files to support previous commits. Change hashing stuff to intptr_t so it can be used as a dictionary of pointers, change brightness/gamma/contrast to float instead of double, other misc changes. None of these commits build on their own so don't even bother.  
4605 2575d 20h terminx / First commit for "Polymost.f", the single precision floating point conversion and optimization of Polymost. This work was primarily done for ARM but it also doubled the framerate on "Clear the Coast" on my i7.  

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