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4910 2472d 19h terminx / Make dist() and ldist() take void pointers so we can compare spritetype with tspritetype without inserting casts everywhere.  
4909 2472d 20h terminx / Fix Mapster32 sector copying  
4908 2473d 3h terminx / Fix compiler warnings  
4907 2473d 3h terminx / Fix undefined behavior in Polymost  
4906 2473d 3h terminx / Disable mouse input affecting the menu when the console is down. This code is awful, because I am an awful man.  
4905 2473d 3h terminx / Crash fix  
4904 2474d 0h terminx / Polymost: fix wall and floor sprites clipping into or z-fighting with surfaces (replaces glDepthRange() hacks for sprites), add r_nofog cvar for debugging, reduce the total number of OpenGL calls by only calling glFogi() to set the fog mode when initializing the renderer or changing r_usenewshading.  
4903 2474d 0h terminx / Introduce "twalltype" for temporary uses of walltype where using wall_tracker_hook() would be invalid. This is similar to "tspritetype" and fixes a bunch of problems in the editor that cropped up when changing the tracker sanity checks to an assert that only exists in debug builds (branching upon any write to a sprite, sector or wall had an unacceptable impact on performance).  
4902 2474d 0h terminx / Questionable CON changes and optimizations. <3  
4901 2474d 0h terminx / Fix Mapster32 bug where pressing "O" on a sprite twice would corrupt your map due to unchecked use of hitscan results.  
4900 2474d 0h terminx / Place the current loading percentage into RETURN for EVENT_DISPLAYLOADINGSCREEN.  
4899 2474d 0h terminx / Fix distrecip calculation  
4898 2474d 0h terminx / Revise C++ structure trackers for performance and introduce "tspritetype", for temporary sprites or other usages where using the trackers would be invalid or undesired. DONT_BUILD.  
4897 2474d 0h terminx / Faster/better optimized access to game structures from C-CON.  
4896 2474d 0h terminx / Support r_windowpositioning in 8-bit.  
4895 2474d 0h terminx / Clean up/refactor a few gamevar related functions based on building as C++/C99 and some interesting articles I read about how GCC and Clang optimize switches. Worth a few FPS here.  
4894 2474d 0h terminx / Minor cleanup and formatting changes. DONT_BUILD.  
4893 2474d 0h terminx / Make FORCE_INLINE aware of DISABLE_INLINING. DONT_BUILD.  
4892 2474d 0h terminx / Detect running under Wine. DONT_BUILD.  
4891 2474d 0h terminx / Identify Windows 10 in the startup window/log. DONT_BUILD.  

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