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5183 2231d 11h hendricks266 / OS X: Fix startup window banner. DONT_BUILD.  
5182 2233d 23h helixhorned / Mapster32: honor r_usenewaspect, especially it being off.

For this, add a setaspect_new() setup/restore pair in M32_DrawRoomsAndMasks()
like for G_DrawRooms(). With this, changing viewingrange/aspect via m32script
(in a.m32: [7] -- [9] on the upper row) can only be done in r_usenewaspect 0,
5181 2238d 10h hendricks266 / Fix a typo in r5179.  
5180 2241d 3h hendricks266 / Defs: Add "artfile" token, which loads an ART file. You can use the "tile" sub-token to overwrite the starting tilenum of the file from def.

artfile { file "" } // loads just as if it had been named TILES020.ART
artfile { file "" tile 2000 } // loads starting at index 2000 instead of the tilestart value contained within it

This is useful because ART files will load faster than images loaded through tilefromtexture (which must undergo a color matching process), and because tiles making use of palette indices which have duplicate colors in the stock Duke 3D palette but not in other palettes (such as the 3D Realms screen) are negatively affected by the aforementioned process.
5179 2241d 3h hendricks266 / Add support for ART files containing exactly one tile as an input format for hightile textures and model skins. They are rendered in the global game palette and function as conventional hightile.  
5178 2241d 3h hendricks266 / Defs: Allow loading ART files as input to tilefromtexture. Note that they must contain exactly one tile; any more and the entire ART file will be rejected.  
5177 2241d 3h hendricks266 / Restructure and expand some ART loading functionality in the engine.  
5176 2241d 3h hendricks266 / Defs: Factor out dummytile creation code into E_CreateDummyTile and account for the case when a dummytile may be overwriting a faketile from tilefromtexture.  
5175 2241d 3h hendricks266 / Separate kpzload into two separate functions, kpzbufload (which now lives in cache1d, regardless of WITHKPLIB) and kpzdecode.  
5174 2241d 3h hendricks266 / Replace most instances of casting byte arrays to wider integral types with the B_(UN)BUF functions in compat.h that were previously used only in the netcode.

I have commented out the versions of these functions that perform bitmasks and shifts and replaced them with versions that cast to and from integral types, pending performance and compatibility research across platforms.
5173 2241d 3h hendricks266 / Replace the bswap function used in kplib with B_SWAP32, and merge the 32-bit MSVC and GCC assembly into compat.h.

TODO: Review the value of the continued use of special cases of these swap functions, including the OS-based variants for BSD and OS X, and this assembly.
5172 2241d 3h hendricks266 / kplib: Replace [LS]SWAPI[BL] macros with the B_(BIG|LITTLE)(16|32) ones defined in compat.h and used everywhere else.  
5171 2241d 3h hendricks266 / Fix typo "maxtileallocsiz" --> "maxtiltallocsiz" for MAXYDIM < 640.  
5170 2241d 3h hendricks266 / Menus: Call SDL_Start/StopTextInput() at the appropriate times so that touch devices display the on-screen keyboard when the user is prompted for text input.  
5169 2245d 13h hendricks266 / Set up input so that the menus are navigable under iOS. This also enables the SELECTDIR back button unconditionally instead of restricting it to non-touch devices. DONT_BUILD.  
5168 2248d 9h hendricks266 / Ensure that Objective-C compiler invocations include the C-only options that we specify, especially -std=gnu99. DONT_BUILD.  
5167 2248d 9h hendricks266 / Don't use #pragma push_macro in buildtypes.h, for compatibility with GCC 4.2. DONT_BUILD.  
5166 2248d 10h hendricks266 / LunaCON: Expose all structs to inline access. Tiledata and paldata are still to-do.

5165 2248d 10h hendricks266 / CON: Add player[].index, which returns the player ID that you put in. Mostly useful to get the magic value of THISACTOR when applied to the player struct.

5164 2250d 10h hendricks266 / Menus: When toggling Music in the Sound menu, respect the LOGO_PLAYMUSIC flag in LOGO_FLAGS for the main menu.


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