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5252 2345d 0h hendricks266 / Update .gitignore.  
5251 2345d 0h hendricks266 / Extend S_UpgradeFormat so that "filename.ext" first searches for "filename_ext.flac" and "filename_ext.ogg" before "filename.flac" and "filename.ogg".

This fixes DUKETEAM playing grabbag.ogg instead of grabbag_voc.ogg when Megaton paths have been detected.
5250 2345d 0h hendricks266 / Add SFLAG_HURTSPAWNBLOOD, which allows actors (particularly useractor enemies) to spawn blood when hurt as hardcoded enemies do.  
5249 2345d 0h hendricks266 / Set htg_t 6, 7, and 8 on GROWSPARK sprites upon shooting, as is done for all other hitscan projectiles.  
5248 2345d 0h hendricks266 / C-CON: Add userdef members "globalflags" and "globalgameflags", which control the values specified by the def commands of the same name.  
5247 2345d 0h hendricks266 / Defs: Add "texture" convenience token to tilefromtexture, which will also define the image as a texture with implied nocompress and nodownsize flags.  
5246 2346d 8h terminx / r5238 build fix  
5245 2346d 8h terminx / Minor internal CON changes.  
5244 2346d 8h terminx / Minor VPX playback optimization. DONT_BUILD.  
5243 2346d 8h terminx / Add line numbers to a couple of .def parsing warning messages. At some point these should probably all be cleaned up, similar to how they're handled with CON parsing. DONT_BUILD.  
5242 2346d 8h terminx / Misc Android. DONT_BUILD.  
5241 2346d 8h terminx / Shitcan the nausea-inducing r_projectionhacks mode 2.  
5240 2346d 8h terminx / Make 'L' key toggle grid lock in 3D mode, because it affects placement of sprites inserted with 'S'.  
5239 2346d 8h terminx / vec2_t rotatesprite, take 2  
5238 2346d 14h helixhorned / C-CON: fix 'resizearray' after r4735: copy over old values, zero-init new ones.

Make lunatic/test/gamearray.con run in C-CON, too.
5237 2346d 20h helixhorned / LunaCON: fix negative alpha for 'rotatespritea'. BUILD_LUNATIC.

Conceptually, this amends r4428.
5236 2346d 20h helixhorned / LunaCON: from 'definevolumename', make g_numVolumes be determined as in C-CON.  
5235 2346d 20h helixhorned / CON: check EVENT_ENTERLEVEL for nonzero RETURN, run w/ other players then.

Background: AMC TC initializes per-player variables from this event.
5234 2346d 20h helixhorned / Free alloc'd anims in h_dukeanim. Adds a function hash_loop().  
5233 2346d 20h helixhorned / LunaCON: suffix gamearray file names with '.gar'.  

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