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3054 3300d 11h terminx / Remove dead "polymer-perf" branch  
3053 3300d 12h terminx / Minor cleanups in actors.c, mostly relating to custom projectiles and the like. A bug causing custom projectiles to knock the player back twice as far as the hard-coded ones was also fixed. There should be no other functional changes for the end user.  
3052 3302d 18h helixhorned / In savegames, store dummy constant-length block instead of a _prlight array.

sizeof(_prlight) differs across compilers, and besides, Polymer lights were
not loaded anyway (they're restored live in-game later). The savegame version
was not bumped, but only savegames made with builds where sizeof(_prlight)==261
(like synthesis) will stay compatible!
Report and helpful debugging information by LeoD.
3051 3302d 18h helixhorned / In DNCOORDS display, add spritebridge and sbs.  
3050 3302d 18h helixhorned / On non-{Windows, OS X}, don't link to libpng when PNG support is not requested.  
3049 3304d 15h helixhorned / Add helper program profdemo.lua, running EDuke32's demo profiling N times.

... and displaying statistics afterwards. It was easier to do it this way
than porting stat.lua to C and especially adding more logic to the already
spaghetti-like demo playback code.
3048 3304d 15h helixhorned / In Load Game menu, show 32- or 64-bitness of save game on mismatch.  
3047 3304d 15h helixhorned / Mapster32: make 'corruptcheck_noalreadyrefd' a separate OSD command.

Instead of having 'noalreadyrefd' as a 'corruptcheck' subcommand.
This way, TAB completion can be had.
3046 3304d 15h helixhorned / Mapster32: factor out some code (3x) into GetSaveBoardFilename().  
3045 3304d 15h helixhorned / In -d command line arg, allow specifying demo number in addition to file name.  
3044 3304d 15h helixhorned / Factor out prepare/finish parts from load{old,}board(), misc. cleanup.

This means that loadoldboard() now should also initialize Polymer map
info after loading a v5/v6 map. Make the variables holding a file descriptor
an int32_t instead of int16_t.
3043 3304d 15h helixhorned / Rip out v5/v6 map definitions and routines into src/engine_oldmap.h.  
3042 3304d 15h helixhorned / For loadboard() and friends, pass a vec3_t position instead of separate x/y/z.  
3041 3304d 15h helixhorned / A bit stylistic Polymost code cleanup.  
3040 3304d 15h helixhorned / Add compilation switch MODEL_OCCLUSION_CHECKING to polymost.h, leave it enabled.  
3039 3304d 15h helixhorned / Remove last argument from yax_getneighborsect(), make radarang[] engine.c-local.  
3038 3304d 15h helixhorned / A couple of inside()-related cleanups.

- make inside_editor() static in build.c
- replace comparisons of inside()'s return values with 0 by ones with 1
(since a returned 0 can mean -1 or 1, i.e. oob sector or is really inside)
- prevent a theoretically possible oob access in correct_ornamented_sprite()
3037 3304d 15h helixhorned / Clean up updatesector* family, no functional changes.

- factor out the "is inside" predicates
- rename updatesector_onlynextwalls() -> updatesectorbreadth()
- add ATTRIBUTE((nonnull(4))) to the bitmap arg of updatesectorexclude().
3036 3305d 4h terminx / Update ENet with the latest changes from github  
3035 3305d 18h terminx / Fix a.masm changes so MSVC builds work again. The relevant functionality seems to work (non-power of 2 textures drawn without error), even with CLASSIC_NONPOW2_YSIZE_WALLS defined in engine.c, but I'm not familiar with any corner or edge cases that need to be watched out for with this.

Note: CLASSIC_NONPOW2_YSIZE_WALLS is still not enabled in svn.

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