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8775 491d 1h terminx / Update TinySoundFont to 031e4fecc37f8dc59725127941ae3d1f64867ff0  
8774 491d 1h terminx / Rename SF2_Load() to SF2_LoadBank() and fix the newline at the end of the error message that occurs if passed a bad filename  
8773 491d 1h terminx / Remove the leading slash from the .sf2 bank filename if it's the only slash in the string  
8772 491d 1h terminx / Improve handling of menu options that may be hidden in-between visits to a menu  
8771 491d 1h terminx / Refresh ud.config.MusicDevice and the menu sound configuration display variables after applying new settings

This helps keep the menu state synchronized with the actual sound system state in cases where the requested configuration was rejected for some reason (unsupported playback frequency, missing .sf2 file, etc).
8770 493d 8h terminx / Update TinySoundFont to 91c24e1620a8f9c13be1aa21698757e5ad5a95a6  
8769 493d 8h terminx / Make TinySoundFont effect sample block size configurable via cvar  
8768 493d 17h ny00123 / Expand Nuke.YKT's patch from SVN r7414 to cover all 32-bit platforms.
Fixes non-deterministic white rectangles rendering bug in PCExhumed.
8767 493d 17h ny00123 / Remove unused FAF_DebugView variable from sw/src/brooms.cpp. The
corresponding variable in rooms.cpp is used if DEBUG is defined
to nonzero.
8766 493d 17h ny00123 / sw/src/draw.cpp: Don't draw rooms if textured overhead map is drawn
later. This also turns out to fix a Polymost-specific bug revealed
in SVN r8711. Further remove a call to PicInView which does nothing.
8765 494d 13h terminx / Fix crash in menu file selector when no files OR directories are available to display  
8764 494d 14h terminx / Fix FURY=1 build  
8763 495d 6h terminx / Fix stupid menu bug  
8762 495d 10h terminx / GCC 9.3.0 Windows build fix  
8761 495d 10h terminx / Fix GCC 9.3.0 signedness warning  
8760 495d 10h terminx / Add file selector for choosing which .sf2 bank to use

This also adds a menu option for OPL3 stereo mode. Windows MME output device selection is probably next (this can already be done through the console).
8759 495d 10h terminx / Stylistic changes to driver_winmm

This changes the code formatting and style of driver_winmm to better match our style guidelines.
8758 495d 10h terminx / Move a couple things around in the audiolib headers so we can access them from the game code  
8757 495d 10h terminx / The most minor of audiolib cleanups  
8756 495d 10h terminx / Fix swinging doors not automatically closing anymore after rebounding if they hit a player or actor when trying to close  
8755 495d 10h terminx / More SF2 work

Now automatically detects a .sf2 file placed in the game directory if the mus_sf2_bank cvar is unset.
8754 495d 10h terminx / Clamp SF2 sustain and attenuation  
8753 495d 10h terminx / Remove deleted file from VS project, must have been missed when the file was actually deleted from the repo  
8752 495d 10h terminx / sf2 synthesizer WIP

Patch from Nuke.YKT.
8751 498d 22h ny00123 / SW: Make quitting by closing the window, now done via CON_Quit,
a bit more usable in multiplayer, hiding the engine's console.
8750 498d 22h ny00123 / SW: Modify MenuLevel and RunLevel by using CON_Quit,
toggling MultiPlayQuitFlag on instead of QuitFlag in
multiplayer games if a player tries to close the window.
Further update MNU_QuitCustom to use CON_Quit.
- In RunLevel, this fixes quit of game for all players.
- In MenuLevel, this leads to transmit of PACKET_TYPE_MENU_LEVEL_QUIT.
However, the work isn't complete, since the game isn't shut down
on the peers' sides, leading to possibly undesired side-effects.

Currently known issue:
- If the master closes the window, the scores won't be shown for
the master. Reason is that waitforeverybody will terminate the app.
8749 498d 22h ny00123 / sw/src/game.cpp:StatScreen crash bug fix: For a given player p,
use p->TeamColor instead of User[p->PlayerSprite]->spal, since
it's possible the player left before the map was loaded.
8748 498d 22h ny00123 / SW: Add a few calls to handleevents around key press loops. Also check
quitevent in the game, and further call getpackets within StatScreen.
8747 498d 22h ny00123 / SW: Make sure StatScreen is called around the same time for
all players after level change. This is done by adding calls
to getpackets within the BonusScreen and StatScreen while loops.

It is related to a change from the DOS versions of 1997. Basically,
dosendpackets immediately sends all packets via the commit driver under
DOS, while in the mmulti port in use here, sending might be postponed.

This was leading to a problem with the game entering waitforeverybody
before showing the stats. In particular, it initially attempted to send
a PACKET_TYPE_PLAYER_READY message, which could get postponed in the
manner described above. In case it received PACKET_TYPE_PLAYER_READY
messages from all other peers before the time arrived for sending
pending packets, though, waitforeverybody would return, eventually
leading to a call to StatScreen/BonusScreen, without sending the
pending message until the user in question continued. Other peers
would have to wait for the given player to confirm level change
before they could see their own stat screens.
8746 498d 22h ny00123 / sw/src/game.cpp:NewLevel: Wait for all peers when master player quits.  
8745 498d 22h ny00123 / sw/src/network.cpp:MyCommPlayerQuit: When master player decides to quit,
make sure all players quit the game. Don't internally change the list
of players, just prepare to quit.
8744 498d 22h ny00123 / sw/src/game.cpp:getinput: Make sure slave actually quits the game  
8743 498d 22h ny00123 / SW: Fix a bug in getpackets, making SW's Master-Slave code usable,
including 3+ players sessions.
8742 499d 7h hendricks266 / Engine compatibility update: ksqrt  
8741 499d 7h hendricks266 / Add userdata field to DemandFeed

Backported from Rednukem.
8740 499d 7h hendricks266 / Fix OOB in polymost_spriteIsModelOrVoxel  
8739 499d 7h hendricks266 / Revert r8712  
8738 500d 12h terminx / I forgot this bunch of SDL2 headers like an idiot  
8737 500d 12h terminx / Fix IF crouch jumping and unintentional automatic crouching under sprites  
8736 500d 12h terminx / ifndef EDUKE32_STANDALONE a couple more hard-coded Duke3D sound IDs that were missed previously