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7688 875d 14h hendricks266 /.gitignore Fix macOS -Wdeprecated-declarations warnings  
7607 919d 15h terminx /.gitignore Add *.grp, *.rts, *.art, and the current names for the texture cache files to .gitignore  
6146 1598d 2h hendricks266 /.gitignore Add perl.exe.stackdump to .gitignore.  
6058 1723d 10h hendricks266 /.gitignore Some tweaks to the cleanup.  
6057 1725d 22h hendricks266 /.gitignore I hoped ./ prefixes would work in a ignore on Windows.  
6056 1725d 22h hendricks266 /.gitignore Bring the previous commit into effect.  
5756 1980d 3h hendricks266 /.gitignore Update ignore rules.  
5328 2261d 11h hendricks266 /.gitignore Improvements to the MSVC project.  
5252 2342d 0h hendricks266 /.gitignore Update .gitignore.  
5005 2444d 1h hendricks266 /.gitignore Apple: Update Xcode project and build system. DONT_BUILD.  
4647 2562d 8h hendricks266 /.gitignore Fix the Wii build and clean up remaining warnings. DONT_BUILD.  
4555 2648d 18h hendricks266 /.gitignore KenBuild.

4554 2650d 0h hendricks266 /.gitignore Delete empty folders and update ignore properties.

3055 3305d 10h terminx /.gitignore Remove polymer-perf related lines from .gitignore  
2682 3444d 1h hendricks266 /.gitignore Add .gitignore generated from `git svn show-ignore`.