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8094 775d 0h hendricks266 /Common.mak Add Voidwrap, by Striker and NY00123. Heavily reorganized by me.  
8093 775d 0h hendricks266 /Common.mak Makefile: Separate -Wl,--dynamicbase into its own variable so it can be disabled independently.

For some reason it breaks my GDB.
8054 787d 23h terminx /Common.mak Only use --high-entropy-va on x86_64  
8052 788d 19h terminx /Common.mak Fix synthesis  
8049 789d 17h terminx /Common.mak Fix W_GCC_9 in Common.mak  
8044 795d 18h hendricks266 /Common.mak Make building Fury easier with FURY=1  
7920 808d 23h terminx /Common.mak Fix linking with SDL 2.0.10  
7786 835d 0h hendricks266 /Common.mak Fix sequential GNUmakefile build  
7782 835d 15h pogokeen /Common.mak Separate out polymost1Frag and polymost1Vert shaders from polymost.cpp and add rules for building in the GNUmakefile.
Additionally, git ignore the shader's generated headers folder.
7749 851d 19h pogokeen /Common.mak Disable -malign-double on i386 as libraries would need to be compiled with it.  
7748 851d 21h pogokeen /Common.mak Fix 32-bit Polymost issues by enabling SSE instructions and setting GCC to use SSE floating point math exclusively.
Additionally, enable SSE2 to better match 64-bit builds and use -malign-double for the potential performance benefit.
7743 852d 4h terminx /Common.mak Fix building with GCC 8  
7671 889d 20h terminx /Common.mak Enable a couple of additional useful -W flags for newer versions of GCC  
7372 967d 1h terminx /Common.mak Don't include the system SDL headers on Windows  
7359 968d 15h hendricks266 /Common.mak Add buildvfs, abstraction layer for file I/O.

Currently it passes calls through to the system libraries as before.

Also adds an incomplete implementation on PhysFS.
7318 1005d 1h terminx /Common.mak Revert "SDL 2.0.9"  
7297 1038d 23h terminx /Common.mak Re-enable -fno-strict-aliasing because apparently many versions of GCC across many platforms are still producing warning spew without it  
7224 1071d 6h terminx /Common.mak Compile without -fno-strict-aliasing.  
7185 1071d 6h terminx /Common.mak SDL 2.0.9  
6939 1198d 2h pogokeen /Common.mak Support software renderer upscaling engine-side in sdlayer and sdlayer12 with various scaling factors (beyond just pixel doubling).
When glsurface is available, use GL to upscale the render buffer.
Additionally, fix build issues with sdlayer12 introduced by GLAD changes (r6656).

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