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8752 423d 1h terminx /GNUmakefile sf2 synthesizer WIP

Patch from Nuke.YKT.
8734 428d 4h terminx /GNUmakefile Make gamestructures a proper object  
8709 428d 4h terminx /GNUmakefile Merge fix16.cpp and fix16_str.cpp  
8663 436d 6h ny00123 /GNUmakefile Use mmulti.cpp instead of mmulti_null.cpp.  
8650 439d 21h hendricks266 /GNUmakefile Move screentext to engine  
8649 439d 21h hendricks266 /GNUmakefile Rename screentext.cpp to text.cpp  
8601 466d 22h hendricks266 /GNUmakefile SW: Overwrite startup window with Duke's  
8569 470d 17h terminx /GNUmakefile Rename EDUKE32_SIMPLE_MENU to EDUKE32_RETAIL_MENU  
8498 504d 22h hendricks266 /GNUmakefile SW, KenBuild: Fix STARTUP_WINDOW=0 builds  
8387 523d 5h terminx /GNUmakefile Remove driver_nosound from audiolib

Why? Because it's fucking useless. If we want to waste CPU on outputting nothing, SDL has us covered with its "dummy" audio backend.
8365 523d 5h terminx /GNUmakefile Update the Microsoft resource compiler scripts used for Windows binaries

This adds the version control revision plus build time to the properties of the resulting binary, and updates some of the legal text. The executable version number has also been bumped from the longstanding "" to "", symbolic of the year EDuke32 was first released in. Future Fury binaries will now say "" to match its first non-preview release as well.
8266 561d 23h hendricks266 /GNUmakefile Add sound and music code for Ken-Build

Patch from Nuke.YKT.
8219 572d 5h terminx /GNUmakefile Further audiolib work... I think this is almost done!  
8218 572d 5h terminx /GNUmakefile More audiolib work  
8217 572d 5h terminx /GNUmakefile Sort lists of things in the makefile

I'm not gonna lie, I got some kind of weird OCD pleasure out of this.
8216 572d 5h terminx /GNUmakefile Audiolib rework WIP

This attempts to rectify the differences between versions of JFAudiolib created after we forked the code, and the extra features contained in Nuke.YKT's fork of our version.
8214 572d 5h terminx /GNUmakefile Use SDL audiolib driver on Windows

This shitcans the SDL_mixer requirement but leaves platforms other than Windows without built-in MIDI playback capability until Nuke.YKT's OPL3 emulator is merged. This also reworks sdlmusic.cpp into music_external.cpp, including an untested port of the code to Windows.
8199 572d 5h terminx /GNUmakefile Separate the filesystem portion of cache1d.cpp and move it into vfs.cpp

Yes, the engine tools (kextract, etc) still compile.
8179 572d 5h terminx /GNUmakefile Add portions of the ZPL library, a public domain collection of useful helper functions and structures


I'm not including all of it, but I have plans for some of what is there.
8175 572d 5h terminx /GNUmakefile Swap out our old deprecated version of ENet for a single-file header-based fork, including features like IPv6 support  

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