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8094 742d 17h hendricks266 /GNUmakefile Add Voidwrap, by Striker and NY00123. Heavily reorganized by me.  
8091 742d 17h hendricks266 /GNUmakefile Make sjson its own object  
8044 763d 11h hendricks266 /GNUmakefile Make building Fury easier with FURY=1  
7976 771d 2h terminx /GNUmakefile Replace separate timer implementations in SDL and Winlayer with a shared implementation based on std::chrono  
7839 791d 2h terminx /GNUmakefile Automatic source file dependency generation for GNUmakefile

This automatically saves the dependencies used for a given object file during the first compilation, then uses the generated data for each subsequent compile to determine if the object needs to be rebuilt. Why? Because if I see one more warning about the C++ One Definition Rule, I'm going to fucking snap.
7800 799d 7h hendricks266 /GNUmakefile Print extern declaration when generating .cpp from .glsl  
7797 799d 8h hendricks266 /GNUmakefile Tweak build process messages when building objects from .glsl files  
7793 801d 15h pogokeen /GNUmakefile Fix parallel build by switching to generating .obj files from .glsl files and treat the shader source as an externed global resolved at link time.
Additionally, remove the no longer necessary shader generated headers folder from .gitignore
7786 802d 17h hendricks266 /GNUmakefile Fix sequential GNUmakefile build  
7782 803d 8h pogokeen /GNUmakefile Separate out polymost1Frag and polymost1Vert shaders from polymost.cpp and add rules for building in the GNUmakefile.
Additionally, git ignore the shader's generated headers folder.
7588 888d 0h terminx /GNUmakefile Use FORCE_INLINE and CONSTEXPR where appropriate in the Q16 fixed point math library  
7537 898d 10h hendricks266 /GNUmakefile Update some program names  
7443 916d 15h hendricks266 /GNUmakefile Rename net.* to network.*  
7359 936d 8h hendricks266 /GNUmakefile Add buildvfs, abstraction layer for file I/O.

Currently it passes calls through to the system libraries as before.

Also adds an incomplete implementation on PhysFS.
7140 1052d 9h hendricks266 /GNUmakefile Move the LZW compression functions out of cache1d.cpp into their own object, klzw.cpp.

This eliminates the hackiness of (now and CACHE1D_COMPRESS_ONLY.
6948 1157d 14h hendricks266 /GNUmakefile Update glad to 0.1.25

6939 1165d 19h pogokeen /GNUmakefile Support software renderer upscaling engine-side in sdlayer and sdlayer12 with various scaling factors (beyond just pixel doubling).
When glsurface is available, use GL to upscale the render buffer.
Additionally, fix build issues with sdlayer12 introduced by GLAD changes (r6656).
6924 1195d 23h terminx /GNUmakefile Fix building the Build tools  
6919 1196d 22h pogokeen /GNUmakefile When OpenGL is available, prefer using the new glsurface to blit the classic renderer's 8-bit buffer to the screen.  
6883 1232d 23h pogokeen /GNUmakefile Dynamic tilepacking for indexed colour textures  

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