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8362 681d 12h terminx /package/ Update gamecontrollerdb.txt  
7958 798d 21h hendricks266 /package/ Make use of SDL2's Game Controller API.

Thanks to JonoF for his take on this.
6779 1307d 7h hendricks266 /package/ Don't apply weapon shade interpolation to the shrinker/expander crystal at all.  
6056 1721d 2h hendricks266 /package/ Bring the previous commit into effect.  
6055 1721d 2h hendricks266 /package/ The great repository rearrangement of 2017.

Files moved but not modified. Changes to follow in a subsequent commit.

You down with CPP?
6035 1730d 1h hendricks266 /package/ weapons.con.sample: Use full precision when applying weapon scaling.  
6034 1730d 1h hendricks266 /package/ weapons.con.sample: Add internal temp variables for rotatesprite parameters that the subroutines need to modify. This fixes weapon scaling.  
6033 1730d 1h hendricks266 /package/ weapons.con.sample: Rename hud_G_Draw_temp* to hud_int_temp*.  
6032 1730d 1h hendricks266 /package/ weapons.con.sample: Only setvar RETURN -1 for values of drawweapon that we actually handle. (Currently all of them, but this is more future-proof.)  
6031 1730d 1h hendricks266 /package/ weapons.con.sample: No need to andvar before getting a sine value. The source does that for us.  
6030 1730d 1h hendricks266 /package/ weapons.con.sample: Fix operation on wrong variable in tripbomb code.  
6029 1730d 1h hendricks266 /package/ weapons.con.sample: Fix some indentation issues.  
5768 1962d 7h hendricks266 /package/ Remove trailing whitespace from anything we don't need to rebase from an upstream.  
5433 2159d 16h helixhorned /package/ Mapster32: add byte array editorcolors[256] to m32script variables.

This makes it possible to set up editor colors at startup (from
m32_autoexec.cfg). For example:

script_expertmode 1
do for i range 256 ifge i 33 { set editorcolors[i] i }
script_expertmode 0

Use this method in the description of how to get old-style 2D colors
in tiles.cfg and suggest an alternative color index pair.
5431 2164d 21h helixhorned /package/ In package/sdk/tiles.cfg, use the right word for "remove commenting".

5430 2165d 12h helixhorned /package/ Mapster32: changes to aid getting the old color scheme (by customizing).

- in loadtilegroups(), only assign a tile color if it wasn't already
- allow "hidden" tile groups by omitting the hotkey
- Tweak the description added to tiles.cfg
5429 2165d 12h helixhorned /package/ Mapster32: honor "blocking color" declared with DEF 'spritecol' et al.

Meaning tilegroup's 'colors' directive.

Also, to the packaged tiles.cfg, add a description of how to emulate the
earlier Mapster32 sprite coloring for one tile group.
5428 2165d 12h helixhorned /package/ Mapster32: in a.m32, draw color info ("set showpal 1") more informatively.

- draw ticks above the palette "ruler"
- draw all editor colors (colors in editorcolor[])
5117 2395d 6h hendricks266 /package/ Move handling of ud.drawweapon from G_DrawWeaponTileWithID() to P_DisplayWeapon(). This fixes it not being applied to the quick kick and mighty foot.  
5102 2397d 23h hendricks266 /package/ weapons.con.sample: Update to use the hudpal member so that fogpals and custom makepalookup definitions display properly.  

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