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7118 1092d 15h terminx /platform/ Move editor headers into correct VS project  
7039 1111d 10h terminx /platform/ Remove nonexistent file lzwnew.h from VS project  
6994 1111d 10h terminx /platform/ Trying to silence a warning at link time in VS. DONT_BUILD.  
6993 1111d 10h terminx /platform/ VS build fix. DONT_BUILD.  
6992 1113d 18h terminx /platform/ This seems to fix debug builds in Visual Studio. DONT_BUILD.  
6991 1114d 11h terminx /platform/ VS project changes. DONT_BUILD.  
6985 1120d 10h terminx /platform/ VS project properties  
6981 1120d 10h terminx /platform/ New native Visual Studio solution and projects, based on a set made by icecoldduke.  
6939 1195d 17h pogokeen /platform/ Support software renderer upscaling engine-side in sdlayer and sdlayer12 with various scaling factors (beyond just pixel doubling).
When glsurface is available, use GL to upscale the render buffer.
Additionally, fix build issues with sdlayer12 introduced by GLAD changes (r6656).
6922 1226d 20h pogokeen /platform/ Add glsurface.cpp/h and tilepacker.cpp/h to Visual Studio Project  
6849 1278d 8h terminx /platform/ Update Miniz  
6848 1278d 8h terminx /platform/ Rename int64.h to fix16_int64.h  
6842 1278d 8h terminx /platform/ Remove no longer used glext.h  
6838 1280d 9h terminx /platform/ Add missing file to VS project  
6801 1296d 18h terminx /platform/ Add some missing files to the VS project  
6758 1323d 9h terminx /platform/ SDL 2.0.8  
6724 1325d 11h terminx /platform/ Use Q16.16 fixed point for player horiz  
6671 1343d 8h pogokeen /platform/ Fix building on Visual Studio after GLAD & Polymost changes  
6545 1413d 12h terminx /platform/ Switch MSVC Makefile to target the VS2015.3 toolchain instead of the VS2017 toolchain, to work around a compiler bug  
6497 1430d 10h terminx /platform/ Windows builds: SDL 2.0.7  

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