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5560 1985d 2h hendricks266 /platform/Apple/EDuke32.xcodeproj Xcode: Clean up how some file paths are defined.  
5559 1985d 2h hendricks266 /platform/Apple/EDuke32.xcodeproj Xcode: Automatically suggested changes.  
5529 1989d 11h hendricks266 /platform/Apple/EDuke32.xcodeproj Remove actors_inline, game_inline, and sector_inline objects, and move their code into other headers, set up to be compiled into well-fitting objects if inlining them is disabled.  
5358 2093d 12h hendricks266 /platform/Apple/EDuke32.xcodeproj Update Xcode project to reflect recent filename changes. DONT_BUILD.  
5195 2225d 16h hendricks266 /platform/Apple/EDuke32.xcodeproj iOS: Set up and enable building with USE_OPENGL. DONT_BUILD.  
5183 2229d 13h hendricks266 /platform/Apple/EDuke32.xcodeproj OS X: Fix startup window banner. DONT_BUILD.  
5005 2317d 5h hendricks266 /platform/Apple/EDuke32.xcodeproj Apple: Update Xcode project and build system. DONT_BUILD.  
4648 2434d 5h hendricks266 /platform/Apple/EDuke32.xcodeproj Further work on the Xcode project.  
4646 2436d 8h hendricks266 /platform/Apple/EDuke32.xcodeproj OS X: Add a preliminary Xcode project. DONT_BUILD.