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8795 565d 3h hendricks266 /platform/Windows/ Disable the call to WIN_UpdateClipCursorForWindows in WIN_PumpEvents

Achieved by hex-editing libSDL2.a to change a JE (0x74) to JMP (0xEB).

This should improve micro stuttering-issues on Windows. My settings:

r_vsync 2
r_maxfps 0
win_systemtimermode 1
win_performancemode 1
8753 583d 10h terminx /platform/Windows/ Remove deleted file from VS project, must have been missed when the file was actually deleted from the repo  
8752 583d 10h terminx /platform/Windows/ sf2 synthesizer WIP

Patch from Nuke.YKT.
8738 588d 12h terminx /platform/Windows/ I forgot this bunch of SDL2 headers like an idiot  
8734 588d 12h terminx /platform/Windows/ Make gamestructures a proper object  
8729 588d 13h terminx /platform/Windows/ Enable debugging symbols in MSVC release builds for profiling  
8709 588d 13h terminx /platform/Windows/ Merge fix16.cpp and fix16_str.cpp  
8706 588d 13h terminx /platform/Windows/ SDL 2.0.12  
8705 588d 13h terminx /platform/Windows/ Fix VS project  
8663 596d 15h ny00123 /platform/Windows/ Use mmulti.cpp instead of mmulti_null.cpp.  
8649 600d 6h hendricks266 /platform/Windows/ Rename screentext.cpp to text.cpp  
8577 627d 7h hendricks266 /platform/Windows/ Remove references to standalone ENet folder from VS projects  
8424 675d 15h terminx /platform/Windows/ Don't build SW and the Kenbuild test game by default in VS  
8412 683d 14h terminx /platform/Windows/ Fix SW compilation under VS  
8394 683d 14h terminx /platform/Windows/ Change VS project DiagnosticsFormat option  
8387 683d 14h terminx /platform/Windows/ Remove driver_nosound from audiolib

Why? Because it's fucking useless. If we want to waste CPU on outputting nothing, SDL has us covered with its "dummy" audio backend.
8364 683d 14h terminx /platform/Windows/ This workaround doesn't appear to be necessary anymore

Moreover, I couldn't really find any information about the problem this was supposed to resolve when I attempted to research it. The code has already been #if 0'd out for a while.
8361 683d 14h terminx /platform/Windows/ A small amount of driver_adlib cleanup  
8280 720d 10h hendricks266 /platform/Windows/ Move audiolib's drivers.h from include to src  
8266 722d 8h hendricks266 /platform/Windows/ Add sound and music code for Ken-Build

Patch from Nuke.YKT.

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