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8753 459d 9h terminx /platform/Windows/audiolib.vcxproj Remove deleted file from VS project, must have been missed when the file was actually deleted from the repo  
8752 459d 9h terminx /platform/Windows/audiolib.vcxproj sf2 synthesizer WIP

Patch from Nuke.YKT.
8729 464d 12h terminx /platform/Windows/audiolib.vcxproj Enable debugging symbols in MSVC release builds for profiling  
8394 559d 13h terminx /platform/Windows/audiolib.vcxproj Change VS project DiagnosticsFormat option  
8387 559d 13h terminx /platform/Windows/audiolib.vcxproj Remove driver_nosound from audiolib

Why? Because it's fucking useless. If we want to waste CPU on outputting nothing, SDL has us covered with its "dummy" audio backend.
8361 559d 13h terminx /platform/Windows/audiolib.vcxproj A small amount of driver_adlib cleanup  
8280 596d 10h hendricks266 /platform/Windows/audiolib.vcxproj Move audiolib's drivers.h from include to src  
8219 608d 13h terminx /platform/Windows/audiolib.vcxproj Further audiolib work... I think this is almost done!  
8218 608d 13h terminx /platform/Windows/audiolib.vcxproj More audiolib work  
8216 608d 13h terminx /platform/Windows/audiolib.vcxproj Audiolib rework WIP

This attempts to rectify the differences between versions of JFAudiolib created after we forked the code, and the extra features contained in Nuke.YKT's fork of our version.
8214 608d 13h terminx /platform/Windows/audiolib.vcxproj Use SDL audiolib driver on Windows

This shitcans the SDL_mixer requirement but leaves platforms other than Windows without built-in MIDI playback capability until Nuke.YKT's OPL3 emulator is merged. This also reworks sdlmusic.cpp into music_external.cpp, including an untested port of the code to Windows.
7642 762d 9h terminx /platform/Windows/audiolib.vcxproj VS project file updates  
7616 790d 15h terminx /platform/Windows/audiolib.vcxproj Update VS solution and project files  
7487 805d 6h terminx /platform/Windows/audiolib.vcxproj Update VS projects to the VS2019 platform toolset  
7136 967d 13h terminx /platform/Windows/audiolib.vcxproj Drop C++ standard used in Visual Studio builds from C++17 to C++14, to be more consistent with our GNU makefile.  
6994 986d 7h terminx /platform/Windows/audiolib.vcxproj Trying to silence a warning at link time in VS. DONT_BUILD.  
6992 988d 16h terminx /platform/Windows/audiolib.vcxproj This seems to fix debug builds in Visual Studio. DONT_BUILD.  
6985 995d 8h terminx /platform/Windows/audiolib.vcxproj VS project properties  
6981 995d 8h terminx /platform/Windows/audiolib.vcxproj New native Visual Studio solution and projects, based on a set made by icecoldduke.