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8795 561d 2h hendricks266 /platform/Windows/lib/64/libSDL2.a Disable the call to WIN_UpdateClipCursorForWindows in WIN_PumpEvents

Achieved by hex-editing libSDL2.a to change a JE (0x74) to JMP (0xEB).

This should improve micro stuttering-issues on Windows. My settings:

r_vsync 2
r_maxfps 0
win_systemtimermode 1
win_performancemode 1
8706 584d 12h terminx /platform/Windows/lib/64/libSDL2.a SDL 2.0.12  
7919 801d 13h hendricks266 /platform/Windows/lib/64/libSDL2.a Windows: SDL 2.0.10  
7318 997d 14h terminx /platform/Windows/lib/64/libSDL2.a Revert "SDL 2.0.9"  
7185 1063d 19h terminx /platform/Windows/lib/64/libSDL2.a SDL 2.0.9  
6758 1318d 7h terminx /platform/Windows/lib/64/libSDL2.a SDL 2.0.8  
6497 1425d 7h terminx /platform/Windows/lib/64/libSDL2.a Windows builds: SDL 2.0.7  
6450 1485d 9h hendricks266 /platform/Windows/lib/64/libSDL2.a SDL 2.0.6  
6055 1719d 3h hendricks266 /platform/Windows/lib/64/libSDL2.a The great repository rearrangement of 2017.

Files moved but not modified. Changes to follow in a subsequent commit.

You down with CPP?
5905 1823d 6h hendricks266 /platform/Windows/lib/64/libSDL2.a Windows: SDL 2.0.5  
5514 2109d 11h hendricks266 /platform/Windows/lib/64/libSDL2.a Windows: SDL 2.0.4  
4400 2760d 9h terminx /platform/Windows/lib/64/libSDL2.a SDL 2.0.3 (plus a MinGW build fix that didn't make 2.0.3) for Windows builds.  
4130 2904d 9h hendricks266 /platform/Windows/lib/64/libSDL2.a Sweeping modifications to synthesis and the package directory structure so that every potential binary is in its own package.
While we're rearranging files, ensure all SVN mime-types are set correctly.
4126 2906d 11h hendricks266 /platform/Windows/lib/64/libSDL2.a Update SDL2 to 2.0.1.  
4099 2926d 6h hendricks266 /platform/Windows/lib/64/libSDL2.a Windows: Add SDL2 headers and libraries to the repo for quick-and-easy building and static linking. (SDL2 uses the zlib license so we are in the clear.)