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8094 775d 1h hendricks266 /platform/Windows/props/build_common.props Add Voidwrap, by Striker and NY00123. Heavily reorganized by me.  
7965 803d 22h hendricks266 /platform/Windows/props/build_common.props Add SetupAPI.lib to VS build system for SDL 2.0.10  
7318 1005d 2h terminx /platform/Windows/props/build_common.props Revert "SDL 2.0.9"  
7185 1071d 7h terminx /platform/Windows/props/build_common.props SDL 2.0.9  
6992 1116d 4h terminx /platform/Windows/props/build_common.props This seems to fix debug builds in Visual Studio. DONT_BUILD.  
6981 1122d 20h terminx /platform/Windows/props/build_common.props New native Visual Studio solution and projects, based on a set made by icecoldduke.