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1677 4105d 6h terminx /polymer/ Global thermonuclear code rape  
1676 4111d 15h terminx /polymer/ Polymer performance improvement and some game related bug fixes. Improves Polymer framerate by about 25% in most cases and fixes problems causing Duke Caribbean doors to malfunction.  
1675 4111d 15h terminx /polymer/  
1674 4113d 12h plagman /polymer/ Reorganize a little code so that lightmaps can be used when a spotlight isn't currently casting a shadow. This fixes the problem where the window lights in the E1L1 apartment secret would jump between square and circle-shaped depending on the shadowcount and the view angle.  
1673 4115d 17h terminx /polymer/ more multiplayer fixes  
1672 4118d 23h terminx /polymer/ mostly multiplayer fixes among other things  
1671 4132d 16h terminx /polymer/ fix screwed up movement in Mapster32  
1670 4132d 18h plagman /polymer/ Fix build.  
1669 4133d 5h plagman /polymer/ Lose the quitflag check until we know while it gets out of sync between clients and server. This cause the new networking code to be somewhat usable again.  
1668 4133d 6h plagman /polymer/ Fix multiplayer.  
1667 4133d 9h terminx /polymer/ Sound fixes... again. Also fixes SPINNINGNUKEICON visible in the upper left corner in widescreen.  
1666 4133d 12h terminx /polymer/ fix some crap  
1665 4135d 5h terminx /polymer/ Emit RPG_EXPLODE, PIPEBOMB_EXPODE and LASERTRIP_EXPLODE from the actual EXPLOSION2 sprite instead of whatever spawned EXPLOSION2, to prevent the sound from being owned by whatever sprite happens to spawn with the ID the RPG/pipebomb/whatever had before it was removed

Add brightness/gamma/contrast cvars to Mapster32

Fix bug with WEAPON_SEMIAUTO flag for custom weapons

Fix VM error with starttrack when specifying an invalid music track

Fix detection of 0x1a EOF characters in CON files

Fix a couple of additional sound issues

Fix crash in pushmove()

Fix Mapster32 textured 2D mode display being a few pixels off from the actual lines drawn

Fix crash when clicking "cancel" in Mapster32 startup window

Add Makefile detection to build with -march=pentium3 -mtune=generic on i686
1664 4136d 12h plagman /polymer/ Make the "Start" button of the GTK start-up window the default button of the window, which means pressing Enter now works at you'd expect.  
1663 4141d 4h helixhorned /polymer/ SDL/non-Windows: external midi playing with fork/exec and signals; double initprintf internal buffers since they got too long for the --help text; warn on replacing empty tile with a hightile; fix a keypad issue in Mapster32  
1662 4142d 5h terminx /polymer/ Final round (I hope!) of sound fixes. Should also fix the crash on exit on Windows and the REACTOR sprite size bug.  
1661 4142d 15h helixhorned /polymer/ m32script: infinite loop safety halt (send a SIGINT), saved input history, states can be invoked without "state" keyword when in OSD  
1660 4145d 9h terminx /polymer/ This is mostly just build fixes for USE_OPENGL=0, POLYMOST=0 and POLYMER=0. Also updated the precompiled libogg/libvorbis/libvorbisfile that are supplied for MinGW.  
1659 4145d 16h terminx /polymer/ Oops, forgot a file from ENet 1.3.0  
1658 4145d 16h terminx /polymer/ rotatesprite and multivoc have a rape baby

No, seriously. Adds widescreen aware rotatesprite and works out half a dozen huge problems in the sound system, among other things.

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