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222 5547d 11h terminx /polymer/ Update repo to 1.4.0 beta 2  
221 5551d 8h terminx /polymer/ Fix randvar  
220 5552d 1h terminx /polymer/ Boredom  
219 5552d 9h terminx /polymer/  
218 5553d 5h terminx /polymer/  
217 5554d 14h terminx /polymer/ Minor fixes  
216 5556d 13h terminx /polymer/ Fix squishing a shrunken enemy while changing weapon bug  
215 5558d 7h terminx /polymer/  
214 5558d 14h terminx /polymer/ GRP selection from JonoF  
213 5559d 14h terminx /polymer/ Test cvars for shading stuff  
212 5560d 2h terminx /polymer/ Mostly stuff from JonoF  
211 5561d 6h terminx /polymer/ Remove HUD model correction and more Polymost shading tweaks  
210 5561d 13h terminx /polymer/ I noticed earlier that MSVC might not compile this without these extra braces  
209 5561d 14h terminx /polymer/  
208 5562d 3h terminx /polymer/  
207 5562d 4h terminx /polymer/ Getting closer  
206 5562d 8h terminx /polymer/ More polymost shading stuff  
205 5563d 2h terminx /polymer/ This is definitely getting very, very close  
204 5563d 11h terminx /polymer/ Allow disabling of the HOM correction hack  
203 5563d 12h terminx /polymer/  

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