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4895 2312d 11h terminx /polymer/ Clean up/refactor a few gamevar related functions based on building as C++/C99 and some interesting articles I read about how GCC and Clang optimize switches. Worth a few FPS here.  
4894 2312d 11h terminx /polymer/ Minor cleanup and formatting changes. DONT_BUILD.  
4893 2312d 11h terminx /polymer/ Make FORCE_INLINE aware of DISABLE_INLINING. DONT_BUILD.  
4892 2312d 11h terminx /polymer/ Detect running under Wine. DONT_BUILD.  
4891 2312d 11h terminx /polymer/ Identify Windows 10 in the startup window/log. DONT_BUILD.  
4890 2312d 11h terminx /polymer/ MSVC C++ build fixes. DONT_BUILD.  
4889 2312d 11h terminx /polymer/ Replace hightile grayscale method (usually combined with tints to produce
replacements for the first handful of palette lookups) w8th superior
"luma" method. DONT_BUILD.
4888 2312d 12h terminx /polymer/ Fix up weapon switching deficiencies  
4887 2315d 1h hendricks266 /polymer/ When using search paths detected from a Megaton installation, also use the SC-55 oggs included with it.  
4886 2315d 1h hendricks266 /polymer/ Clean up autodetected game install search paths on all platforms that use them.

This should prevent Lunar Apocalypse from becoming Nuclear Winter with Megaton on Linux and Mac.
4885 2315d 1h hendricks266 /polymer/ Menus: Disable the spinning nuke icon back button on Android.  
4884 2315d 1h hendricks266 /polymer/ Implement UserMapHacks.  
4883 2315d 1h hendricks266 /polymer/ Reinstate MD4.  
4882 2316d 19h helixhorned /polymer/ engine.c: fix clipmove() against upper part of wall-aligned sprites.  
4881 2316d 20h helixhorned /polymer/ engine.c: on non-touch devices, roughly double maximum voxel drawing distance.

By setting DISTRECIPSIZ to 131072, as far as I can see the absolute maximum
that's possible with the integer scaling convention of the voxel drawing code.

4880 2316d 20h helixhorned /polymer/ Mapster32: make sprite duplication examples in work again.

- Work around a sequencing issue (assignment of searchstat) in
- When having sprites highlighted and changing shade, since r1943 change
every highlighted sprite's shade if one of them is aimed at. With this
revision, if SHIFT is pressed while doing that, only change the aimed at
sprite's shade
- a.m32: Use 'break' from a state instead of 'return'. The former may be
"sticky" in a way that is not intended. Needs to be debugged later.
- Update instructions in

4879 2317d 18h helixhorned /polymer/ game.c: revert changes of r4861 ("consult g_mirrorCount instead of gotpic[]").  
4878 2317d 18h helixhorned /polymer/ Lunatic: in control/lua, sync ALLOWED_VIEWTYPE with change from r4814 (allow 2).

4877 2318d 22h helixhorned /polymer/ engine.c: prevent multiple collection of same sector in scansector().

Also for polymost_scansector(). These were likely of little consequence
because collection in scansector() is the exception than the rule (see
added comments), and because the redundant drawwalls() would find the
x range done the second and following times.

Also, add a bound check for sectorborder[] (the limit was probably rarely
hit in practice, but the check is mandatory nontheless) and add functions
printscans() and printbunches() in the DEBUGGINGAIDS=2 build.
4876 2318d 22h helixhorned /polymer/ engine.c: in drawmasks(), remove sorting sprites by statnum.

There were various issues with that code.
- It does not seem to be very meaningful to do so.
- It was carried out on the same range as the sprites sorted by z coordinate
(those with equal x/y) just a few lines away, effectively overriding it.
The former is very meaningful, though.
- It led to inconsistencies between editor and game, see

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