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886 4674d 9h terminx /polymer/ Game name in window title and some other shit  
885 4674d 13h terminx /polymer/  
884 4675d 4h terminx /polymer/  
883 4675d 5h terminx /polymer/  
882 4675d 8h terminx /polymer/  
881 4675d 9h terminx /polymer/  
880 4675d 15h terminx /polymer/  
879 4675d 15h terminx /polymer/  
878 4676d 7h terminx /polymer/  
877 4676d 7h terminx /polymer/ Crappy temporary brightness adjustment menu and some misc fixes  
876 4676d 13h terminx /polymer/  
875 4676d 14h terminx /polymer/  
874 4676d 15h terminx /polymer/ CON_SCRIPTSIZE, lets mod authors manually increase the script size to whatever the mod needs, decreasing startup time due to not having to constantly reallocate memory.  
873 4676d 16h terminx /polymer/  
872 4676d 18h terminx /polymer/  
871 4676d 23h hnt_ts /polymer/ 1. Runtime CON errors display the line numbers of CON now. It doesn't increase the size of compiled code because the line number assigned to each command of a CON file.
The lower 12 bits are used for the ID of command(up to 4096 IDs).
The rest 20 bits are used to store the line number(up to about 1 000 000 lines).
Perhabs variable errors need this too.

2. Fixed 2 crashes.
870 4677d 5h terminx /polymer/ Better gamma ramp adjustment, uses vid_gamma, vid_brightness and vid_contrast cvars

Will be added to menu during upcoming menu redesign
869 4677d 11h terminx /polymer/  
868 4677d 14h terminx /polymer/  
867 4677d 18h terminx /polymer/ Better line wrapping for multiplayer chat messages  

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