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194 5505d 21h terminx /polymer/build/ New startup window from JonoF + some other stuff

This was not at all pleasant to merge, and problems should be expected. ;)
189 5525d 23h terminx /polymer/build/ Build crash fix  
185 5537d 16h terminx /polymer/build/ Cleaning out the tree  
183 5543d 23h terminx /polymer/build/  
182 5543d 23h terminx /polymer/build/ NAT traversal patch from Adam Fazakerley  
181 5545d 15h terminx /polymer/build/ Might as well make this a bit more proper  
180 5545d 15h terminx /polymer/build/ Remove the ratio correction slider and replace it with a simple widescreen toggle  
179 5545d 21h terminx /polymer/build/ Fix skill sounds when using JAudiolib instead of JFAud  
178 5546d 20h terminx /polymer/build/ I just keep fucking with this

This seems to be the most accurate, even though I'm using the screen res instead of the viewing area res to calculate the ratio
177 5546d 21h terminx /polymer/build/ This seems more consistent.  
175 5546d 22h terminx /polymer/build/ I guess this is right  
174 5547d 1h terminx /polymer/build/ HUD model correction stuff  
172 5547d 8h terminx /polymer/build/ Change ratio correction to always assume a ratio of 1.2. I like this better than how it worked before. Plagman, what say you?  
168 5553d 1h terminx /polymer/build/ More weapon changes + don't apply ratio correction to HUD models (because people are whiners)  
164 5554d 22h terminx /polymer/build/ Mouses fixes for the editor  
163 5555d 1h terminx /polymer/build/ Fix building without OpenGL support and rip out the DYNAMIC_OPENGL toggle  
161 5556d 4h terminx /polymer/build/ Remove a duplicate line that popped up as a result of a fucked diff  
158 5557d 23h terminx /polymer/build/ Blar  
153 5561d 17h terminx /polymer/build/  
142 5565d 1h terminx /polymer/build/ Increase vertical aiming precision  

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