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886 4815d 16h terminx /polymer/build/include/build.h Game name in window title and some other shit  
883 4816d 12h terminx /polymer/build/include/build.h  
882 4816d 15h terminx /polymer/build/include/build.h  
853 4825d 14h terminx /polymer/build/include/build.h CON access to tsprite  
747 4867d 23h terminx /polymer/build/include/build.h  
723 4889d 0h terminx /polymer/build/include/build.h Patch from hunter_rus  
701 4918d 17h plagman /polymer/build/include/build.h The dream is true...  
697 4922d 2h plagman /polymer/build/include/build.h HAVE YOU EVER FELT  
687 4925d 18h plagman /polymer/build/include/build.h One way walls and masks. Masks don't really have correct texture coordinates yet but they should be sorted like polymost is or so.  
677 4927d 22h terminx /polymer/build/include/build.h "Unfortunetly, 2560x1600 is not supported."  
672 4929d 9h plagman /polymer/build/include/build.h I like my sprites sorted thank you very much.  
665 4932d 4h terminx /polymer/build/include/build.h Patch from hunter_rus  
623 4970d 17h plagman /polymer/build/include/build.h Adds r_parallaxskyclamping and r_parallaxskypanning.  
618 4972d 3h terminx /polymer/build/include/build.h Part 1 of 64-bit patch from Stephen Anthony  
606 4986d 9h terminx /polymer/build/include/build.h Patch from hunter_rus  
605 4987d 22h terminx /polymer/build/include/build.h Patch from hunter_rus, untested  
590 5016d 3h plagman /polymer/build/include/build.h Added xpanning and ypanning actor members to control the new sprite panning feature.  
587 5030d 6h terminx /polymer/build/include/build.h patch from hunter_rus  
584 5038d 8h terminx /polymer/build/include/build.h  
574 5135d 15h terminx /polymer/build/include/build.h  

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