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877 4838d 19h terminx /polymer/build/src/osd.c Crappy temporary brightness adjustment menu and some misc fixes  
876 4839d 0h terminx /polymer/build/src/osd.c  
872 4839d 5h terminx /polymer/build/src/osd.c  
870 4839d 17h terminx /polymer/build/src/osd.c Better gamma ramp adjustment, uses vid_gamma, vid_brightness and vid_contrast cvars

Will be added to menu during upcoming menu redesign
869 4839d 22h terminx /polymer/build/src/osd.c  
867 4840d 5h terminx /polymer/build/src/osd.c Better line wrapping for multiplayer chat messages  
866 4840d 6h terminx /polymer/build/src/osd.c  
865 4840d 17h terminx /polymer/build/src/osd.c Support for changing shade of console characters by using the 3 high bits of osdfmt to represent a shade value (0-7)

Lower 5 bits are used for palette
864 4840d 20h terminx /polymer/build/src/osd.c colorized OSD text... wastes 32kB memory but in 2008 I don't think anyone really gives half a shit  
847 4849d 20h terminx /polymer/build/src/osd.c  
845 4851d 1h terminx /polymer/build/src/osd.c  
843 4851d 17h terminx /polymer/build/src/osd.c  
842 4851d 18h terminx /polymer/build/src/osd.c OSD history command plus some important fixes  
840 4851d 23h terminx /polymer/build/src/osd.c  
838 4855d 4h terminx /polymer/build/src/osd.c  
837 4855d 4h terminx /polymer/build/src/osd.c  
834 4855d 22h terminx /polymer/build/src/osd.c More bind shit  
833 4856d 7h terminx /polymer/build/src/osd.c Renamed some more cvars, removed osdcompletionstyle and merged the two methods into one  
831 4857d 4h terminx /polymer/build/src/osd.c Stupid win32 console keyboard input bug fix  
830 4857d 19h terminx /polymer/build/src/osd.c  

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