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885 4759d 4h terminx /polymer/build/src/polymost.c  
884 4759d 19h terminx /polymer/build/src/polymost.c  
883 4759d 19h terminx /polymer/build/src/polymost.c  
882 4759d 22h terminx /polymer/build/src/polymost.c  
881 4760d 0h terminx /polymer/build/src/polymost.c  
853 4768d 22h terminx /polymer/build/src/polymost.c CON access to tsprite  
833 4778d 10h terminx /polymer/build/src/polymost.c Renamed some more cvars, removed osdcompletionstyle and merged the two methods into one  
832 4779d 4h terminx /polymer/build/src/polymost.c Rename some console commands to be more consistent with each other  
786 4800d 13h qbix79 /polymer/build/src/polymost.c polymost 64 bit zbuffer modifications.  
779 4801d 23h plagman /polymer/build/src/polymost.c Skyboxes.  
774 4804d 21h plagman /polymer/build/src/polymost.c Model flipping, centering, floor-alignment, color, maphacks.
Next is CON model rotation.
743 4814d 17h qbix79 /polymer/build/src/polymost.c Fix a bug where stuff was trying to read rotated sprite tspr owners  
737 4818d 23h qbix79 /polymer/build/src/polymost.c Most functions in kplib.c now use a intptr_t for (da)frameplace
kzopen and kzipopen now retrun a intptr_t as this actually a FILE*

General 64 bit fixss to cache1d.c. Some cast correction for polymost

hrp works now in 64 bit if you make md3load return NULL.
728 4825d 13h terminx /polymer/build/src/polymost.c Huge, awesome patch from Hunter_rus  
726 4827d 5h terminx /polymer/build/src/polymost.c Part of a patch from Philipp Kutin (Helixhorned) plus MSVC build fix  
723 4832d 7h terminx /polymer/build/src/polymost.c Patch from hunter_rus  
710 4847d 7h terminx /polymer/build/src/polymost.c SDL and GTK+ version check patches from Ozkan Sezer  
708 4857d 8h terminx /polymer/build/src/polymost.c Hunter_rus patch  
697 4865d 9h plagman /polymer/build/src/polymost.c HAVE YOU EVER FELT  
666 4872d 23h plagman /polymer/build/src/polymost.c Face sprites placeholders.  

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