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4962 2446d 11h helixhorned /polymer/eduke32/ LunaCON: make -fbad-getactorvar-use-pli enabled by default. DONT_BUILD.  
4961 2446d 11h helixhorned /polymer/eduke32/ Make g_player a +1 offset pointer into 'static g_player_s[1 + MAXPLAYER]'.

This fixes the out-of-bounds read of former g_player[] in VM_EventCommon_().
4960 2446d 11h helixhorned /polymer/eduke32/ Classic: on desktops, handle abs. z diff. of floor/ceiling to camera >= 1<<24.  
4959 2446d 11h helixhorned /polymer/eduke32/ engine.c: style-cleanup owallmost() and wallmost(). DONT_BUILD.  
4958 2448d 11h helixhorned /polymer/eduke32/ In DEBUGANYWAY=2/DEBUG_MAIN_ARRAYS build, declare tsprite[] as tspritetype.

Fixing a bunch of warnings. DONT_BUILD.
4957 2448d 12h helixhorned /polymer/eduke32/ Lunatic: fix typos in control.lua (get/setmusicposition).  
4956 2448d 12h helixhorned /polymer/eduke32/ Add SFLAG_NOWATERDIP, unconditionally preventing actors from dipping into ST1 water.

By default, the following enemies have this flag set: OCTABRAIN, COMMANDER, DRONE.
4955 2448d 12h helixhorned /polymer/eduke32/ Actor ST1 handling: use A_GetWaterZOffset() with VM_Move(), too. DONT_BUILD.

This is where things are changed at last. This fixes lizmen walking on water.
4954 2448d 12h helixhorned /polymer/eduke32/ Actor ST1 handling: cleanup part 2. DONT_BUILD.

Factor out condition for whether a z offset is added or not
("fix for flying/jumping monsters getting stuck in water", etc.) into
a function A_GetWaterZOffset() (and a helper A_GetVerticalVel()).
4953 2448d 12h helixhorned /polymer/eduke32/ Actor ST1 handling: clean up code a bit. (Preparation for real changes.)

In VM_Fall(), keep a temp preliminary new z position of the actor and
assign only when we return. This is to each ease watching its value in GDB.
4952 2448d 12h helixhorned /polymer/eduke32/ mdsprite.c: in md3free(), also free s->geometry for each surface. DONT_BUILD.

This prevents a enormous leak being reported by LeakSanitizer. Not that it
matters much, since we most frequently free models only at exit. (Sometimes one
may be freed earlier though -- if there was an error loading it, AFAICS.)
4951 2449d 7h helixhorned /polymer/eduke32/ menus.c: fix C build. DONT_BUILD.  
4950 2459d 16h hendricks266 /polymer/eduke32/ Fix next/previous weapon when the pipebomb detonator is active.  
4949 2459d 16h hendricks266 /polymer/eduke32/ Don't allow Ogg Vorbis or FLAC files to be defined from def if the binary was built without the proper libraries.  
4948 2459d 16h hendricks266 /polymer/eduke32/ Modularize .mid --> .ogg --> .flac code to apply to sounds as well, and various cleanup in music/sound filename-handling code.  
4947 2459d 16h hendricks266 /polymer/eduke32/ Fix a bug where FLAC sound effects would loop when they were not supposed to.  
4946 2459d 16h hendricks266 /polymer/eduke32/ Menus: Mouse, touch, and pointer controls now take the origin into account.  
4945 2459d 16h hendricks266 /polymer/eduke32/ Add events EVENT_DISPLAYINACTIVEMENU and EVENT_DISPLAYINACTIVEMENUREST and userdef members m_origin_x and m_origin_y.

This allows for CON screen display code to use menu animations. The following is an example of how to adapt screen features that should animate.


ifvare current_menu 0 // main menu
setvar x 1
setvar y 1
rotatesprite x y zoom ang tilenum shade pal orientation 0 0 xdim ydim


state DisplayMenuCommon
ifvare RETURN 0 // main menu
getuserdef[THISACTOR].m_origin_x x
getuserdef[THISACTOR].m_origin_y y
addvar x 65536
addvar y 65536
rotatesprite16 x y zoom ang tilenum shade pal orientation 0 0 xdim ydim

onevent EVENT_DISPLAYMENUREST state DisplayMenuCommon endevent
onevent EVENT_DISPLAYINACTIVEMENUREST state DisplayMenuCommon endevent
4944 2459d 16h hendricks266 /polymer/eduke32/ Make my menu animation code a little bit more modular.  
4943 2459d 16h hendricks266 /polymer/eduke32/ Revise r4707 to fix some remaining issues with next/previous weapon.  

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