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4343 2801d 2h hendricks266 /polymer/eduke32/Makefile.common Build system: Detect the SVN revision and generate rev.h directly from the Makefile, if applicable.  
4328 2810d 13h helixhorned /polymer/eduke32/Makefile.common Amend r4318: Lunatic doesn't need the safety check.  
4319 2812d 23h hendricks266 /polymer/eduke32/Makefile.common Windows: Full library refresh.  
4315 2812d 23h hendricks266 /polymer/eduke32/Makefile.common Fix errors and warnings with LLVM/clang 3.4 Windows.  
4298 2814d 19h helixhorned /polymer/eduke32/Makefile.common Add Makefile.common switch ALLOCACHE_AS_MALLOC, remove DEBUG_WITH_VALGRIND.  
4286 2822d 13h helixhorned /polymer/eduke32/Makefile.common Lunatic: Fix compilation of C++ build, but not starting up yet.

4273 2826d 23h hendricks266 /polymer/eduke32/Makefile.common Remove "-fpermissive" from C++ builds because we don't need it.  
4247 2841d 20h hendricks266 /polymer/eduke32/Makefile.common For DISABLEINLINING=1, apply __fastcall to make up for the lack of inlining.  
4238 2852d 10h helixhorned /polymer/eduke32/Makefile.common Lunatic/m32: make Mapster23 actually start stand-alone, oops.  
4107 2929d 14h helixhorned /polymer/eduke32/Makefile.common Lunatic: make it possible to build with LuaJIT 2.1, add -Lopts=profile there.  
4102 2933d 1h hendricks266 /polymer/eduke32/Makefile.common Wii: Fix build and add custom headers and libs to SVN. (It's helpful to set up a build system from scratch.)

4076 2939d 0h hendricks266 /polymer/eduke32/Makefile.common Fix ebacktrace1 under MinGW's GCC 4.8 and binutils 2.23.2.

We keep needing more and more hacks as libbfd keeps becoming dependent on additional libraries we don't need...
4066 2954d 20h helixhorned /polymer/eduke32/Makefile.common Add WIP x86_64 assembly texture mapping routines.

- Currently: only tvlineasm1 and tvlineasm2, but incomplete (no reverse
translucency, nonpow2 textures will crash)
- For System V AMD64 calling conventions; requires YASM
4023 2988d 12h helixhorned /polymer/eduke32/Makefile.common When building Lunatic from synthesis, tell LuaJIT to generate PE object files.

BUILD_LUNATIC, third attempt.
4020 2988d 14h helixhorned /polymer/eduke32/Makefile.common For Clang debugging build, only pass selected UBSanitizer options.

This makes CLANG=1 RELEASE=0 DEBUGANYWAY=2 OPTLEVEL=1 builds definitely pretty
playable (only Polymost tested) while having a decent amount of sanitization.
4000 2995d 18h helixhorned /polymer/eduke32/Makefile.common Lunatic: prepare Makefiles for synthesis build.

- libs and headers are expected in platform/Windows/* (not there yet)
- prefix Lua #includes with luajit-2.0/
- build bytecode objects with absolute path name (used for debug info)
3972 3018d 6h hendricks266 /polymer/eduke32/Makefile.common Patch from johnnyonflame to fix the GCW and Dingoo build process.  
3963 3019d 16h helixhorned /polymer/eduke32/Makefile.common Makefile.common: disable -Wstrict-overflow.

It didn't turn out that useful and was giving a warning with one of the
preceding changes.
3957 3024d 13h helixhorned /polymer/eduke32/Makefile.common Makefile.common: make LUNATIC be set to 0 if not set from env ("?=0").

Also override LTO to 0 in Lunatic builds.
3938 3030d 13h helixhorned /polymer/eduke32/Makefile.common Lunatic: slight Makefile tweak for Windows preparation.

Add doc/how_to_build_lunatic.txt and doc/lpeg-lunatic.patch.

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