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5077 2241d 5h terminx /polymer/eduke32/build/src/kplib.c Minor kplib optimizations, DONT_BUILD.  
4922 2308d 23h terminx /polymer/eduke32/build/src/kplib.c Fix wildmatch(), resolves errors matching things like "*.zip" with "" for example.  
4685 2390d 20h hendricks266 /polymer/eduke32/build/src/kplib.c Improve fine-grained GCC and clang version detection, fixing recently introduced build issues. DONT_BUILD.  
4680 2391d 2h terminx /polymer/eduke32/build/src/kplib.c Another 5000 lines of pain and tears. DONT_BUILD.  
4670 2391d 2h terminx /polymer/eduke32/build/src/kplib.c kplib warning fix. I admit to not testing this, because fuck .gif files.  
4661 2391d 2h terminx /polymer/eduke32/build/src/kplib.c Additional engine cleanups and optimizations. About as generic as it sounds. Also changes internal dummytile/tilefromtexture behavior so that the LZ4 compressed version of a texture is kept and the cache1d entries associated with the tiles can expire, like any other tile.  
4658 2391d 2h terminx /polymer/eduke32/build/src/kplib.c Various additional optimizations: add CLASSIC_SLICE_BY_4 mode to unroll some of the loops in a-c, replace integer divisions by a divisor unknown at compile time with usage of libdivide, clean up pragmas further by removing more old stuff that wasn't used anywhere. This is another one of those nasty commits that make people cry. DONT_BUILD.  
4647 2397d 5h hendricks266 /polymer/eduke32/build/src/kplib.c Fix the Wii build and clean up remaining warnings. DONT_BUILD.  
4634 2416d 2h terminx /polymer/eduke32/build/src/kplib.c kplib optimizations and cleanup; faster versions of some functions, #ifdef out support for a couple of useless formats  
4597 2416d 2h terminx /polymer/eduke32/build/src/kplib.c JPG overrun fix from 6/10/14 kplib.c found in  
4513 2521d 7h hendricks266 /polymer/eduke32/build/src/kplib.c Fix build with GCC 4.9.  
4385 2607d 20h terminx /polymer/eduke32/build/src/kplib.c Widespread use of ARRAY_SIZE macro.  
4365 2622d 8h terminx /polymer/eduke32/build/src/kplib.c Zip support bugfix from a newer kplib  
4315 2647d 19h hendricks266 /polymer/eduke32/build/src/kplib.c Fix errors and warnings with LLVM/clang 3.4 Windows.  
4310 2649d 8h terminx /polymer/eduke32/build/src/kplib.c Fix building on MinGW (MinGW-w64 was OK). DONT_BUILD.  
4295 2655d 14h helixhorned /polymer/eduke32/build/src/kplib.c gloadtex() cleanup, make some vars in kplib.c static, add source/valgrind_errors.log.

4101 2768d 0h hendricks266 /polymer/eduke32/build/src/kplib.c r4087, attempt #2: Fix "warning: iteration 1461 invokes undefined behavior [-Waggressive-loop-optimizations]" in initkpeg().  
4087 2773d 20h hendricks266 /polymer/eduke32/build/src/kplib.c Fix "warning: iteration 1461 invokes undefined behavior [-Waggressive-loop-optimizations]" in initkpeg() by promoting the variables in question to int64_t.

NOTE TO TEAM MEMBERS: Please review this, as I am not sure what is actually intended here.
3853 2896d 18h helixhorned /polymer/eduke32/build/src/kplib.c kplib: don't write an int32_t where a char is expected.  
3178 3099d 15h helixhorned /polymer/eduke32/build/src/kplib.c Split r3159..r3161, part 12: Add explicit casts, non-pointer types.

- Atomic Edition (Censored) -> Plutonium Pak in grpscan.c
- "scale" in astub.c:drawtileinfo() is incorrect, I think.
- in demo.c, the gethitickms() value should be returned to a double.

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