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5964 1598d 2h hendricks266 /polymer/eduke32/build/src/startosx.editor.m Mac: Port the startup window to entirely programmatic code. Death to nibs!  
5380 2041d 2h hendricks266 /polymer/eduke32/build/src/startosx.editor.m OS X: Fix -Wdeprecated-declarations compiler warnings in the startup windows.  
4647 2397d 8h hendricks266 /polymer/eduke32/build/src/startosx.editor.m Fix the Wii build and clean up remaining warnings. DONT_BUILD.  
4644 2399d 11h hendricks266 /polymer/eduke32/build/src/startosx.editor.m Clean up warnings and build issues when building under OS X 10.9. DONT_BUILD.  
3334 3055d 22h hendricks266 /polymer/eduke32/build/src/startosx.editor.m Clean up some file and directory structure.
* Renamed source/jaudiolib/third-party/mingw32 to source/jaudiolib/third-party/Windows.
* Moved source/jaudiolib/third-party/Windows/include to source/jaudiolib/third-party/common/include to use both on Windows and Apple.
* Deleted Apple/lib/include/{ogg,vorbis}/, see previous point.
* Deleted Apple/lib/libvorbisenc.a, 6MB saved.
* Moved Apple/lib/lib{ogg,vorbis,vorbisfile}.a to source/jaudiolib/third-party/Apple/lib, where they belong.
* Moved source files in Apple/ to source/, where they belong. (SDLMain.[mh] stay.)
* Deleted source/jaudiolib/third-party/{ogg,vorbis}.framework, not used any more.
* Renamed "StartupWinController*" to "startosx*".
2537 3334d 3h hendricks266 /polymer/eduke32/build/src/startosx.editor.m OS X: Fix more warnings.  
2431 3351d 13h helixhorned /polymer/eduke32/build/src/startosx.editor.m OS X: whitespace-cleanup Objective-C files. Also does TAB-->space.  
2429 3351d 13h helixhorned /polymer/eduke32/build/src/startosx.editor.m OS X Objective-C files: NSApp -> nsapp as before for a PPC linkage fix

Note: I'm not really sure whether I'm initializing it in the right places.
1105 4587d 5h terminx /polymer/eduke32/build/src/startosx.editor.m Moved build to a subdir underneath the eduke32 dir to avoid people trying to compile from the build src dir by mistake  
854 4686d 18h hnt_ts /polymer/eduke32/build/src/startosx.editor.m 1. Removed unneeded the svn:executable proprties. These files aren't actually executable.
2. Added the svn:ignore properties to clean up the output of "svn update" so that it doesn't show some unversioned files anymore sush as compiled binaries and object files(*.a).
3. Converted the end-of-line charapter sequences from Windows(CR LF) to Unix format(LF). It used to be a mixture of both styles that often confuse some programs. If some files have to be in Windows format, you should add the svn:eol-style on them(svn propset svn:eol-style native polymer/eduke32/source/thefile.c).
194 5429d 7h terminx /polymer/eduke32/build/src/startosx.editor.m New startup window from JonoF + some other stuff

This was not at all pleasant to merge, and problems should be expected. ;)