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6005 1719d 11h hendricks266 /polymer/eduke32/platform/Windows/lib/instructions.txt We have not needed to disable the stack protector when building Windows libs for a while.  
5342 2204d 13h hendricks266 /polymer/eduke32/platform/Windows/lib/instructions.txt Update the precompiled Windows libraries: libogg 1.3.2, libvorbis 1.3.5  
4539 2629d 7h hendricks266 /polymer/eduke32/platform/Windows/lib/instructions.txt Windows: Update libraries.
- libpng to 1.6.12
- LuaJIT to Git HEAD >= 2.0.3
- instructions.txt

4319 2779d 5h hendricks266 /polymer/eduke32/platform/Windows/lib/instructions.txt Windows: Full library refresh.  
3551 3122d 12h terminx /polymer/eduke32/platform/Windows/lib/instructions.txt Directory cleanup. Move the "Apple", "Windows", and "Wii" directories to a new "platform" dir, move the contents of "psd" to "rsrc/source", move eobj* and obj* directories so that they're under the "source" dir.  
3335 3187d 5h hendricks266 /polymer/eduke32/platform/Windows/lib/instructions.txt All kneel, king FLAC is here.

FLAC source from git commit 0920bc1ffb07f038b317e7e8056509fe0e4b680e, patched by me.

Windows libFLAC.a built using i686-MinGW-w64 and x86_64-MinGW-w64.

HUGE thanks to rhoenie for building the Mac fat library (ppc, i686, x86_86).
3278 3203d 13h hendricks266 /polymer/eduke32/platform/Windows/lib/instructions.txt Win64 support! (Meaning it works, not that we recommend it for everyday use.)

This includes a complete Windows header and library refresh, including the addition of 64-bit compiled libs:
*libogg 1.3.0
*libvorbis 1.3.3
*zlib 1.2.7
*libpng 1.5.13
*libvpx 9a3de881c0e681ba1a79a166a86308bbc84b4acd
*SDL_mixer 1.2.12 (for RENDERTYPE=SDL)
*DirectX import libraries: dsound and dxguid (now included)

To build in 64-bit, you essentially need MinGW's MSYS (but not MinGW itself) and MinGW-w64 at the top of your PATH. The target is automatically detected using `$(CC) -dumpmachine`. The EDukeWiki will get detailed instrucitons.

All compiler and linker warnings when building in 64-bit mode have been fixed.

Remaining 64-bit to-do:
- The ebacktrace dll does not build under 64-bit. It uses code specific to the format of 32-bit executables and will have to be ported to work with 64-bit executables. A future 64-bit version will be named ebacktrace1-64.dll.
- RENDERTYPE=SDL crashes in SDL_mixer's Mix_Linked_Version().
- DirectInput gives an error and does not function. This only affects joysticks, and the error never happens without any plugged in.
- Port the classic renderer ASM to 64-bit. (Just kidding, this is way out of my league.)

This commit includes a fair bit of Makefile development spanning all platforms, including simplifying the SDLCONFIG code, fixing build on Mac OS X (thanks rhoenie!), globally factoring Apple brew/port inclusion, enforcing that all -L come before all -l, and ensuring that $(shell ) is always :='d.

In addition, I have resurrected the old GCC_MAJOR and GCC_MINOR detection using `$(CC) -dumpversion`, but I have made it failsafe in case the command fails or the version is manually specified. I have applied this new fine-grained detection where applicable, including allowing LTO, and restraining -W's to versions that support them.