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4987 2315d 22h terminx /polymer/eduke32/source/anim.h Animation system overhaul part 1. This allows for an unlimited number of .anm/.ivf files to be defined via duke3d.def and played back at any time with the new CON commands. Syntax is currently as follows, but may change:

cutscene "somefile.anm" { delay 10 } // defines somefile.anm with a delay of 10 120Hz tics between frames. a more typical framerate method may come later, but this is how the originals worked.

Once defined, they can be played through CON with the new playback command, also called "cutscene". It works like this:

definequote 12345 somefile.anm
define ANIM_SOMEFILE 12345


cutscene ANIM_SOMEFILE // halts game execution and immediately plays cutscene, resuming execution when finished


Sounds can be played during animations (and tiles can be overlaid, etc) like this:

ifcutscene ANIM_SOMEFILE
ifvare RETURN 12 // frame 12
sound FLY_BY
rotatesprite ...

The value of the RETURN var at the end of EVENT_CUTSCENE determines the next frame to play. This can be used for looping, etc. Attempting to play animations backwards outright is not advised as animations only seek in one direction (so rewinding requires running it through from frame 0 again). This is will WIP and hasn't been heavily tested at all, so please try it out.
4747 2396d 15h terminx /polymer/eduke32/source/anim.h Part 1 of attempting to adhere to C standard section 7.1.3. It turns out it's illegal to use identifiers that begin with _ or have __ anywhere in them. DONT_BUILD.  
4657 2425d 0h terminx /polymer/eduke32/source/anim.h Fix r4643, NUM_HARDCODED_ANIMS was increased for a reason. DONT_BUILD.  
4643 2444d 9h helixhorned /polymer/eduke32/source/anim.h Fix an oob access in parsedefinitions_game(). DONT_BUILD.  
4602 2450d 0h terminx /polymer/eduke32/source/anim.h Misc Android changes and fixes, add alternate HUD mode that displays at the top of the screen, add support for replacing the DREALMS tile during startup with a 3dr.anm/3dr.ivf, fix usage of widescreen menu background or status bar tiles, limit - key from actually sizing down the screen (which has decreased performance instead of increasing it for a long, long time). The size can still be set manually from the console for special cases.  
4541 2521d 19h hendricks266 /polymer/eduke32/source/anim.h Replace the funkily-formatted GNU.TXT with the FSF's official gpl-2.0.txt. Also, update the FSF's address in all source files that contain it.

4243 2710d 14h hendricks266 /polymer/eduke32/source/anim.h Allow the episode 4 cutscenes to be skipped in their entirety with one keypress, as in the original DOS game, instead of requiring input for each ANM file.  
2242 3443d 4h helixhorned /polymer/eduke32/source/anim.h Possibility of specifying sounds for a VPX anim-replacement via DEF.

The syntax is as follows:
animsounds <anim> { frame1 sound1 frame2 sound2 ... }

<anim> has to be one of the tokens: cineov2, cineov3, RADLOGO, DUKETEAM,
logo, vol41a, vol42a, vol4e1, vol43a, vol4e2, or vol4e3, corresponding
to hard-coded Duke3D anims.

The frameN's (1-based frame numbers) have to be in ascending order (but not
necessarily strictly ascending, so that a frame may have more than one sound).

Example: for Duke3D's XBLA nuke logo animation (IVF extracted from nuke.webm),
the following definition overlays the video with a sound sequence similar
(identical save for timing) to the original nuke animation:

// frame 1: FLY_BY, frame 64: PIPEBOMB_EXPLODE
animsounds logo { 1 244 64 14 }
1677 3969d 20h terminx /polymer/eduke32/source/anim.h Global thermonuclear code rape