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1952 3706d 13h helixhorned /polymer/eduke32/source/m32exec.c * a.m32: new state 'correctslopes' which will check all ceilings and floors for a stat&2 and heinum mismatch and correct accordingly (the result isn't visible, but such an inconsistency can prevent planes from TROR-joining)
* helper feature: when shade preview is enabled, the ceilings and floors of highlighted sectors are shown in pal 6. This makes it possible to highlight the TROR-joining candidate sectors in 3D mode using e.g. 'sethighlightsector searchsector 1' while aiming at the respective ceilings and floors, and get visual feedback.
* when failing TROR-joining early ('no consistent joining combinations found'), print to the console why it failed.
* more Makefile.deps updating
1927 3733d 3h helixhorned /polymer/eduke32/source/m32exec.c * New m32script commands:

- sethighlightsector <sectnum> <on?>
- updatehighlightsector
- collectsectors <<array_to_collect_sectnums>> <initial_sector> <<num_collected_sectors>> <sector_filtering_state>

The latter does a breadth-first search starting from an initial sector and collects nextsectors only when the filtering state, given a sectnum as RETURN input, writes a nonzero value into RETURN. As a usage example, a.m32 includes the state 'collect_teleporting_sectors', that collects all sectors containing an SE7 and highlights them afterwards. This way, it should be possible to retrofit old maps with TROR by distributing small scripts that do most of the work (right now, joining has to be done by hand, though).

* corruption checker: for the 'nextwall inconsistent with nextsector' corruption, suggest an alternative fix by searching fitting nextwalls and changing the nextwall of the corrupt wall (as opposed to the nextsector). It will display with a leading '?' in the listing, and can be demanded by suffixing 'corruptcheck tryfix' with it. For example,

corruptcheck tryfix 9-21 ?

would fix some corruptions in Billy Boy's without introducing drawing errors.

* fix demo playback (tueidj figured this out)
1886 3782d 3h helixhorned /polymer/eduke32/source/m32exec.c * Include file cleanup by dragging most declarations into editor.h
* more useful auto-red wall feature: if no structure-changing operations have been applied after highlighting and duplicating, now also paste 'visual' fields of outer walls (this is one example of the use of a system that temporarily keeps track of nextwalls for former red lines)
* multi-pkies now have individual parallaxyscale
1877 3790d 8h helixhorned /polymer/eduke32/source/m32exec.c A crapload of random stuff.

* Polymer light access to m32script (light[<lightidx>].<field>). As an application, provide a state 'insertlights' that takes the currently active lights and puts them into the map as SEs (e.g. for maphack recovery).
* Prototype of a mechanism to gray out certain portion of a map, making them inactive to various, but not all, editing operations. Highlighting a set of sectors and pressing Ctrl-R will make the Z bounds be [(least ceiling z), (greatest floor z)] of all selected ones, pressing Ctrl-R when no sectors are highlighted will reset them. Not sure if it's for production use at this stage...
* The 'align walls' feature [.] now has three independently toggleable behaviours: recurse nextwalls (toggled when Ctrl is pressed), iterate point2s (disabled when Shift is pressed), and also copy pixel width (toggled when Alt is pressed).
* Make shades clamp instead of overflowing in the editor

* crash when carrying out certain operations on walls with xrepeat 0
* the Pause key on linux. Also make demo recording start on Shift-ScrollLock because ScrollLock alone is too easily pressed when pausing
1848 3841d 2h helixhorned /polymer/eduke32/source/m32exec.c Tweakery in various places.

Engine stuff:
* Add 'r_shadescale_unbounded' cvar. When set to 0, OpenGL renderers should never
draw completely black objects (currently only implemented for Polymost)

* Add 'r_shadescale' to config
* In 3D mode, make SPACE behave the same as holding down a mose button: the
currently pointed-at object is locked. Required some modification of a.m32
to play well (i.e. not reset SPACE). This is useful by itself but more so
in conjunction with the next point
* make Alt behave as a modifier with PGUP/PGDN: when aiming at a 2-sided wall,
move the other side's sector's ceiling or floor (only this is new).
* Auto-alignment of walls can be controlled in a finer grained fashion now:
When pressing '.', only the immediate neighbors get aligned. Use Ctrl-. for
the old behaviour.
* When inserting a point in 2D mode, auto-align the neighboring wall
1836 3850d 3h helixhorned /polymer/eduke32/source/m32exec.c Besides catching a few more corner cases, there's better mouselook handling and a warning (but no fix) for a rare and bad corruption when splitting a sector in this revision.  
1832 3851d 9h helixhorned /polymer/eduke32/source/m32exec.c mapster32: new command-line switch '-namesfile <filename>' for overriding NAMES.H; new 'drawlabel <quotenum> <x> <y> <z> <col> <backcol>' m32script command for drawing small labels, see end of a.m32 for an example; some special handling for sprites whose tile yoffset is greater or equal their pixel height.  
1799 3865d 3h helixhorned /polymer/eduke32/source/m32exec.c Selective auto-correction option for the corruption checker. 'corruptcheck now' will print numbered tags for each warning, which can then be used like this: 'corruptcheck tryfix 20 34-64'. General cleanup; make mapster32 not depend on enet objects.  
1795 3873d 3h helixhorned /polymer/eduke32/source/m32exec.c small fix for drawcircle16z m32script command  
1791 3874d 13h helixhorned /polymer/eduke32/source/m32exec.c More OSX build fixery and printf/scanf cleanup for 64-bit systems  
1760 3902d 2h helixhorned /polymer/eduke32/source/m32exec.c Too much stuff for one commit.

* sector-like sprite clipping now works with x- xor y-flipped actual sprites

* corruption checker has been hooked up to loading/saving routines to inform/warn the user
* also warn if mouse pointer is over corrupt wall which is shown in pink then: you should not move such a wall!
* faster map loading by deferring polymer_loadboard to 3d mode entrance (also removes some 'glGetTexLevelParameteriv returned GL_FALSE' warnings)
* more logical maphack light handling, the logic is still a bit dodgy though
* some menu and misc. function fixup
* redundancy elimination...

* added consts various for 'char *filename' parameters
* loadboard() now accepts bit 4 for flags (formerly 'fromwhere')
1740 3929d 3h helixhorned /polymer/eduke32/source/m32exec.c Atrributify various function declarations. Right now the attributes used are noreturn, nonnull and format, the latter allowing us to catch silly printf errors. Again, these range from relatively benign to disastrous.  
1730 3951d 4h helixhorned /polymer/eduke32/source/m32exec.c A week worth of Mapster hacking: first, there is an experimental side view mode toggled with [F3]. Nav keys are {QWAZ}, MMB and RMB. Use with care because it is still in construction. The sector selection routines have been rewritten -- it is now possible to paste the selection into a room and a new inner loop will be added automatically (MickyC's idea). Adds m32script commands drawline16z and drawcircle16z.  
1722 3978d 6h helixhorned /polymer/eduke32/source/m32exec.c Fixes quite a few nasty bugs with the new clipping code, including the crash. Clip shapes are now loaded from through (no break like when loading tiles, just see if each is present). Mapster32: insert some safety code for sprites with sectnum<0. Because this is still a bad thing, have the m32script corruption checker catch this and run it periodically from EVENT_DRAW2DSCREEN. Also draw such sprites in 2D mode with a blood-red color, and make them draggable. Remove set[sector,wall,sprite] commands.  
1710 4009d 3h helixhorned /polymer/eduke32/source/m32exec.c Mapster32: make sector keep old firstwall when adding inner loop, rewrite setfirstwall to use malloc'ed memory for temp storage instead of end of sector[], reintroduce correct searchwall determination in Polymer mouse picker (intersection of xy projection of aiming ray with wall); added commands to m32script: shiftvarvar[lr], ifhighlighted, ifin3dmode, updatehighlight, sethighlight; coded prototype terrain helper based on isolines and triangle strips.  
1708 4012d 4h helixhorned /polymer/eduke32/source/m32exec.c New CON commands:
* sectsetinterpolation <sector>
* sectclearinterpolation <sector>
* clipmove <<ret>> <<x>> <<y>> <z> <<sectnum>> <xvect> <yvect> <walldist> <floordist> <ceildist> <clipmask>
* lineintersect <x1> <y1> <z1> <x2> <y2> <z2> <x3> <y3> <x4> <y4> <<intx>> <<inty>> <<intz>> <<ret>>
* rayintersect <x1> <y1> <z1> <xv> <yv> <zv> <x3> <y3> <x4> <y4> <<intx>> <<inty>> <<intz>> <<ret>>
* calchypotenuse <<ret>> <x> <y>
(all except *interpolation also in m32script). Also fixes Sect_ClearInterpolation to be symmetrical to its Set counterpart (shouldnt change anything since it was unused). Added "-conversion YYYYMMDD" switch for keyword-compatibility with old mods.
Mapster32: invisible sprite preview with Quote-i.
1706 4033d 3h helixhorned /polymer/eduke32/source/m32exec.c mapster32 fixes: aiming crash in polymer, more accurate aiming in polymost + calibration/replacement crosshair via "r_preview_mouseaim", 2 other crashes; fix "S" in tile selector, make read-only variable overridable with "script_expertmode", misc. beautifying.  
1698 4052d 3h helixhorned /polymer/eduke32/source/m32exec.c Tweaks keys for the PR override vars once more. Keyboards are annoying.  
1697 4053d 6h helixhorned /polymer/eduke32/source/m32exec.c Fixes crash in 2d map drawing where sector[-1] was accessed; added commands a2xy and ah2xyz to m32script, coded 2d preview of swinging and sliding doors; added "samprate" setting to configuration, useful if the default one gives jittering/echoey audio  
1696 4054d 12h helixhorned /polymer/eduke32/source/m32exec.c Search for named tile in tile selector ('S'); various bugfixes (among other things with PR-override vars)  

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