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2402 3516d 19h hendricks266 /polymer/
- Exclude "Apple/lib" rather than "Apple" so that required files are not left out of the tarball.
- Add one to $lastrevision before generating the ChangeLog so that it only includes what is new to an update.
- Add stronger detection of the SVN revision by adding support for 1.7 (no longer relying on an ".svn" directory) and having a specific fallback in case the build location is neither svn nor git.
- Echo the SVN revision to source/rev.h before the build processes and revert it afterwards.
2062 3670d 21h hendricks266 /polymer/ fix clobbering of ebacktrace1.dll during synthesis building  
2041 3680d 12h helixhorned /polymer/ synthesis: package ebacktrace1.dll, remove backtrace.dll and libi*.dll
Makefile: remove ebacktrace1.dll on 'veryclean' target
1999 3701d 9h plagman /polymer/ synthesis: require /bin/bash has bash-isms, so sh or dash won't cut it.
1948 3736d 8h hendricks266 /polymer/ move tiles.cfg out of eduke32/samples/ into eduke32/ and update to reflect that  
1940 3743d 5h plagman /polymer/ Update synthesis with pending versioning changes by TerminX that have been running
without problems for a while.
1822 3882d 19h terminx /polymer/ Update synthesis script  
1715 4018d 23h Plagman /polymer/ Pull in backtrace.c (pre-compiled as backtrace.dll and MinGW dependencies) from When running debugging snapshots, this will print out a helpful backtrace in eduke32.crashlog. I had to disable stack protectors for debug builds as this was pulling in a dependency that I assume most people won't have. If anyone feels like merging that code into EDuke32 itself and find a way to remove the ugly libintl dependencies, be my guest. In the meantime, sorry for the awful commit.  
1714 4019d 0h plagman /polymer/ Package debug binaries in synthesis.  
1675 4103d 6h terminx /polymer/  
1654 4165d 17h terminx /polymer/ probably fix snapshot filenames  
1651 4165d 18h terminx /polymer/  
1568 4327d 23h plagman /polymer/ Package more files in synthesis at H266's request.  
1535 4385d 2h terminx /polymer/  
1518 4401d 22h plagman /polymer/ Adds a source package exception list to remove useless files before packaging.  
1517 4401d 23h plagman /polymer/ Hack to appropriately set the group ownership and permissions after creating the packages. This really belongs in the crontabbed script instead, but it doesn't exist yet.  
1516 4401d 23h plagman /polymer/ Fix typo with the ChangeLog.  
1515 4401d 23h plagman /polymer/ Generates a changelog based on the SVN log between snapshots.  
1513 4402d 0h plagman /polymer/ Forgot to uncomment a few lines.  
1512 4402d 0h plagman /polymer/ Automated build and packaging script.