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1842 3872d 18h plagman /polymer-perf/ svn merge -r 1800:1841 ../polymer  
1800 3891d 17h plagman /polymer-perf/ Merge 1775:1799 to polymer-broken.  
1775 3925d 17h plagman /polymer-perf/ Unbreak polymer-broken.  
1774 3925d 17h plagman /polymer-perf/ Creating polymer-perf private branch. AKA polymer-broken, so use at your own risk.  
1773 3926d 18h plagman /polymer-perf/ Fix the lighting model so that lights don't get the modulated diffuse (defeats the purpose if they do, since you wouldn't be able to light a fully shaded room). That means the highpal lookup has to be performed twice now, once with the modulated diffuse to apply to the result and once with no modulation to make a diffuse that the lighting code can use. That means that lighting isn't 100% accurate with respect to the highpal result, but that's the best approach I could think of.  
1772 3927d 16h plagman /polymer-perf/ Manage base palette as IDs instead of passing pointers around ($10 says I broke something). Corresponding engine change will be coming up; this is in prevision of highpal handling of game palettes.  
1771 3928d 13h plagman /polymer-perf/ Don't use -rdynamic on platforms that don't necessarily support it.  
1770 3928d 13h plagman /polymer-perf/ Define OV_EXCLUDE_STATIC_CALLBACKS before including vorbisfile.h to avoid having some unused global structures (and warnings) around.  
1769 3928d 16h terminx /polymer-perf/ Sync ENet with latest cvs commit  
1768 3928d 16h plagman /polymer-perf/ Fix more MinGW warnings.  
1767 3928d 16h plagman /polymer-perf/ Don't include compat.h from protocol.c and define UNREFERENCED_PARAMETER directly instead to fix the MinGW build.  
1766 3928d 16h plagman /polymer-perf/ Fix all the remaining warnings (except the warn_unused_result stuff, pass -Wno-unused-result).  
1765 3928d 16h plagman /polymer-perf/ Build game_banner.o and editor_banner.o with -Wno-pointer-sign.  
1764 3928d 16h plagman /polymer-perf/ Remove some warnings.  
1763 3928d 17h terminx /polymer-perf/ Add "Bstrstr" to compat header  
1762 3928d 17h terminx /polymer-perf/ Run engine source through new version of astyle, add printf() call to OSD_Printf() to facilitate console access through stdin/stdout for dedicated server mode, minor changes to sdlayer to allow operating without actually initializing SDL  
1761 3928d 17h terminx /polymer-perf/ Switch back to using GL_COMPRESSED_RGB_ARB and GL_COMPRESSED_RGBA_ARB instead of explicitly asking for DXT1 and DXT5 (maybe fix white boxes on ATI?), change check for Radeon X1xxx cards to work on mobile cards with different GL_RENDERER strings  
1760 3928d 20h helixhorned /polymer-perf/ Too much stuff for one commit.

* sector-like sprite clipping now works with x- xor y-flipped actual sprites

* corruption checker has been hooked up to loading/saving routines to inform/warn the user
* also warn if mouse pointer is over corrupt wall which is shown in pink then: you should not move such a wall!
* faster map loading by deferring polymer_loadboard to 3d mode entrance (also removes some 'glGetTexLevelParameteriv returned GL_FALSE' warnings)
* more logical maphack light handling, the logic is still a bit dodgy though
* some menu and misc. function fixup
* redundancy elimination...

* added consts various for 'char *filename' parameters
* loadboard() now accepts bit 4 for flags (formerly 'fromwhere')
1759 3930d 0h plagman /polymer-perf/ Fix a problem with model skins introduced by highpal. Liztroops would turn blue on death.  
1758 3932d 3h plagman /polymer-perf/ Fix editor picking in Polymer; sorry!  

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