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8673 596d 14h ny00123 /source/ KenBuild: Fix USE_OPENGL=0 build  
8672 596d 14h ny00123 /source/ kenbuild/src/game.cpp: Set console key default to `  
8671 596d 14h ny00123 /source/ kenbuild/src/game.cpp: Import mirror fix for SW from SVN r8588.  
8670 596d 14h ny00123 /source/ Limit build/src/mmulti.cpp to what's required for
EDUKE32_STANDALONE builds of EDuke32
8669 596d 14h ny00123 /source/ build/include/mmulti.h: Replace MAXMULTIPLAYERS with MAXPLAYERS from build.h  
8668 596d 14h ny00123 /source/ Remove mmulti_null.cpp  
8667 596d 14h ny00123 /source/ sw/src/game.cpp: Use initsingleplayers instead of initmultiplayers  
8666 596d 14h ny00123 /source/ build/src/mmulti.cpp: Add the option -forceipv4  
8665 596d 14h ny00123 /source/ build/src/mmulti.cpp: Fix Windows build  
8664 596d 14h ny00123 /source/ Make kenbuild/src/game.cpp compatible and functional with mmulti.cpp;
Partially covering changes to command line arguments processing in
game.cpp from JFBuild commit 9f01a3095e038018e19e05daf68746bd0ebf087a.
8662 596d 14h ny00123 /source/ Import mmulti.c from JFBuild commit 6308de2d1664fbd4e81c7e3f9c1a436db1e2a686 with minor changes  
8661 596d 14h ny00123 /source/ Import mmulti.h from JFBuild commit c651d35c56eae07488a9cef421fbe33ae9dc9f9a,
with minor changes.
8660 596d 14h ny00123 /source/ KenBuild: Refresh status bar after showing tiled overhead map in GL mode  
8659 600d 6h hendricks266 /source/ Move minitext_lowercase calculation to a new G_InitText() in text.cpp  
8658 600d 6h hendricks266 /source/ screentext: Big refactor to take an array of tilenums (or control codes) instead of a C string  
8657 600d 6h hendricks266 /source/ screentext: Remove TEXT_LINEWRAP  
8656 600d 6h hendricks266 /source/ screentext: Move TEXT_{INTERNAL,TILE}{SPACE,LINE} handling off the critical path  
8655 600d 6h hendricks266 /source/ screentext: Eliminate GetSubString, including its heap allocation  
8654 600d 6h hendricks266 /source/ screentext: Structify  
8653 600d 6h hendricks266 /source/ screentext: Move ROTATESPRITE_FULL16 handling out of critical path  

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