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8775 449d 15h terminx /source/audiolib/src/ Update TinySoundFont to 031e4fecc37f8dc59725127941ae3d1f64867ff0  
8774 449d 15h terminx /source/audiolib/src/ Rename SF2_Load() to SF2_LoadBank() and fix the newline at the end of the error message that occurs if passed a bad filename  
8771 449d 15h terminx /source/audiolib/src/ Refresh ud.config.MusicDevice and the menu sound configuration display variables after applying new settings

This helps keep the menu state synchronized with the actual sound system state in cases where the requested configuration was rejected for some reason (unsupported playback frequency, missing .sf2 file, etc).
8770 451d 21h terminx /source/audiolib/src/ Update TinySoundFont to 91c24e1620a8f9c13be1aa21698757e5ad5a95a6  
8769 451d 21h terminx /source/audiolib/src/ Make TinySoundFont effect sample block size configurable via cvar  
8760 454d 0h terminx /source/audiolib/src/ Add file selector for choosing which .sf2 bank to use

This also adds a menu option for OPL3 stereo mode. Windows MME output device selection is probably next (this can already be done through the console).
8759 454d 0h terminx /source/audiolib/src/ Stylistic changes to driver_winmm

This changes the code formatting and style of driver_winmm to better match our style guidelines.
8758 454d 0h terminx /source/audiolib/src/ Move a couple things around in the audiolib headers so we can access them from the game code  
8757 454d 0h terminx /source/audiolib/src/ The most minor of audiolib cleanups  
8755 454d 0h terminx /source/audiolib/src/ More SF2 work

Now automatically detects a .sf2 file placed in the game directory if the mus_sf2_bank cvar is unset.
8754 454d 0h terminx /source/audiolib/src/ Clamp SF2 sustain and attenuation  
8752 454d 0h terminx /source/audiolib/src/ sf2 synthesizer WIP

Patch from Nuke.YKT.
8741 457d 21h hendricks266 /source/audiolib/src/ Add userdata field to DemandFeed

Backported from Rednukem.
8725 459d 2h terminx /source/audiolib/src/ Patch from Nuke.YKT to improve OPL3 emulator volume control  
8581 497d 20h hendricks266 /source/audiolib/src/ AudioLib: Add bit depth and channel settings to DemandFeed

Backported from Rednukem.
8580 497d 20h hendricks266 /source/audiolib/src/ Fix HAVE_XMP=0 build

Backported from NBlood.
8575 498d 16h ny00123 /source/audiolib/src/ Fix OPL music playback with snd_numchannels == 1  
8574 498d 16h ny00123 /source/audiolib/src/ Fix read of uninitialized EMIDI_IncludeTrack value in _MIDI_ResetTracks  
8567 501d 15h terminx /source/audiolib/src/ Extremely minor audiolib driver_sdl cleanups  
8529 527d 17h hendricks266 /source/audiolib/src/ music_external.cpp: Only include winbits.h #ifdef _WIN32  

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