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8757 579d 17h terminx /source/audiolib/src/driver_adlib.cpp The most minor of audiolib cleanups  
8725 584d 20h terminx /source/audiolib/src/driver_adlib.cpp Patch from Nuke.YKT to improve OPL3 emulator volume control  
8575 624d 10h ny00123 /source/audiolib/src/driver_adlib.cpp Fix OPL music playback with snd_numchannels == 1  
8410 679d 21h terminx /source/audiolib/src/driver_adlib.cpp This is a __restricted area

Theoretically, this will help the compiler generate more optimized code. In practicality, I haven't seen any difference yet but I don't think giving the compiler hints as to the intended operation of the code is ever really a bad thing.
8381 679d 21h terminx /source/audiolib/src/driver_adlib.cpp MIDI shuffling  
8361 679d 21h terminx /source/audiolib/src/driver_adlib.cpp A small amount of driver_adlib cleanup  
8238 728d 9h terminx /source/audiolib/src/driver_adlib.cpp Add mus_al_additive to control the behavior mentioned in r8232 and rename mus_adlibstereo to mus_al_stereo  
8237 728d 9h terminx /source/audiolib/src/driver_adlib.cpp Better stereo suppport in OPL3 emulator

Patch from Nuke.YKT
8233 728d 17h terminx /source/audiolib/src/driver_adlib.cpp Fix mus_adlibstereo  
8232 728d 18h terminx /source/audiolib/src/driver_adlib.cpp Revert a copy/paste error fix in the AdLib code because the fixed version doesn't work right with the timbres Blood ships with  
8225 728d 21h terminx /source/audiolib/src/driver_adlib.cpp Prefer uint32_t over unsigned int  
8224 728d 21h terminx /source/audiolib/src/driver_adlib.cpp The constening  
8223 728d 21h terminx /source/audiolib/src/driver_adlib.cpp Add mus_adlibstereo cvar to enable and disable AdLib stereo mode  
8221 728d 21h terminx /source/audiolib/src/driver_adlib.cpp Further small midi cleanup changes--nothing functional  
8220 728d 21h terminx /source/audiolib/src/driver_adlib.cpp Further AdLib cleanup... leaving this in a separate commit in case I fucked something up  
8219 728d 21h terminx /source/audiolib/src/driver_adlib.cpp Further audiolib work... I think this is almost done!  
8218 728d 21h terminx /source/audiolib/src/driver_adlib.cpp More audiolib work