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8782 572d 0h terminx /source/audiolib/src/music.cpp Misc audiolib cleanup changes

This was split from another commit to make the other commit clearer. These changes don't really do much of anything.
8390 679d 9h terminx /source/audiolib/src/music.cpp Add snd_sdl_audiodriver cvar to select which audio backend SDL uses

This also cleans up the sound init messages a bit.
8381 679d 9h terminx /source/audiolib/src/music.cpp MIDI shuffling  
8257 724d 3h hendricks266 /source/audiolib/src/music.cpp Remove second EMIDICard / ForceEMIDI parameter from MUSIC_Init which only served to clobber the value entered using the cvar  
8254 724d 3h hendricks266 /source/audiolib/src/music.cpp Remove obsolete comments now that the MIDI objects are back in their rightful location  
8219 728d 9h terminx /source/audiolib/src/music.cpp Further audiolib work... I think this is almost done!  
8218 728d 9h terminx /source/audiolib/src/music.cpp More audiolib work  
8215 728d 9h terminx /source/audiolib/src/music.cpp New files for audiolib

This is in a separate commit just to make the changes to existing files easier to go through.