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8783 419d 12h terminx /source/audiolib/src/xmp.cpp Clean up audiolib format detection a little bit  
8580 470d 15h hendricks266 /source/audiolib/src/xmp.cpp Fix HAVE_XMP=0 build

Backported from NBlood.
8427 516d 12h hendricks266 /source/audiolib/src/xmp.cpp Audiolib: Change callbackval from uint32_t to intptr_t

Backported from NBlood.
8383 526d 21h terminx /source/audiolib/src/xmp.cpp Add mus_xmp_interpolation cvar to control XMP interpolation mode

Full disclosure: changing the interpolation mode is practically useless. I was going to drop this commit from my tree, but a later commit doesn't merge without it and I didn't feel like dealing with it.
8291 554d 23h ny00123 /source/audiolib/src/xmp.cpp Use fix16_t instead of float for MV volume control. This is otherwise still doing calculations as brought into r7773 from Nuke.YKT.  
8216 575d 21h terminx /source/audiolib/src/xmp.cpp Audiolib rework WIP

This attempts to rectify the differences between versions of JFAudiolib created after we forked the code, and the extra features contained in Nuke.YKT's fork of our version.
8213 575d 22h terminx /source/audiolib/src/xmp.cpp Misc audiolib cleanups  
7705 692d 10h terminx /source/audiolib/src/xmp.cpp Added Xfree() function to accompany the Xmalloc() family of functions and change all uses of Bfree() to Xfree()

This was necessary because everything is already allocated with the Xmalloc() functions, but a future commit will make blocks allocated with those functions no longer compatible with the system implementation of free(), which Bfree() wraps.
7684 721d 16h hendricks266 /source/audiolib/src/xmp.cpp Audiolib: Fix use-after-frees in Vorbis, FLAC, XA decoding  
7683 721d 16h hendricks266 /source/audiolib/src/xmp.cpp Audiolib: Clean up samples handling  
7283 884d 20h terminx /source/audiolib/src/xmp.cpp Hendricks and I discussed "auto *" and we've come to the conclusion that it's bad form, so this corrects that.  
7163 911d 3h terminx /source/audiolib/src/xmp.cpp Set XMP_PLAYER_INTERP to XMP_INTERP_SPLINE as it seems to sound better than the default setting  
7127 934d 22h terminx /source/audiolib/src/xmp.cpp The last of my audiolib changes for now. These change no functionality.  
7124 934d 22h terminx /source/audiolib/src/xmp.cpp Remove unnecessary "Playing" member of VoiceNode struct  
7122 934d 22h terminx /source/audiolib/src/xmp.cpp Rework volume control to not completely suck  
7117 934d 22h terminx /source/audiolib/src/xmp.cpp Add per-sound volume support to audiolib. This allows you to control the volume of sounds independently from the distance-based system exposed through CON. To use this, you must define your sounds via the .def syntax and set the "volume" property--default is 1.0.  
7079 934d 22h terminx /source/audiolib/src/xmp.cpp Replace remaining instances of regular malloc/calloc/realloc/strdup with our memory error handler versions  
6564 1247d 19h pogokeen /source/audiolib/src/xmp.cpp Fixed race condition where XMP voices could be played by the audio driver thread before they were fully initialized or fully freed  
6475 1309d 22h hendricks266 /source/audiolib/src/xmp.cpp Add support for MTM modules.  
6202 1427d 22h hendricks266 /source/audiolib/src/xmp.cpp Fix memory leaks in audiolib. Fixes issue #59.  

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