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8490 675d 4h hendricks266 /source/build/include/build.h Generate editorcolors[] from vgapal16[] at a better point in the startup process  
8471 676d 1h hendricks266 /source/build/include/build.h Expose nextvoxid variable

This allows game and defs to not overwrite each other's voxels.
8465 676d 1h hendricks266 /source/build/include/build.h Defs: Add tilefromtexture subtoken "ifmatch", with subtokens "crc32" and "size"  
8464 676d 1h hendricks266 /source/build/include/build.h Defs: Minor ifcrc cleanup  
8448 680d 2h hendricks266 /source/build/include/build.h Bump MAXPSKYTILES to 16

Backported from NBlood.
8445 680d 2h hendricks266 /source/build/include/build.h Move MAXVOXMIPS and voxoff from engine.cpp to build.h

Backported from NBlood.
8439 680d 2h hendricks266 /source/build/include/build.h Expose hitscangoal variable

Backported from NBlood.
8438 680d 2h hendricks266 /source/build/include/build.h Expose tileUpdatePicSiz function

Backported from NBlood.
8433 680d 2h hendricks266 /source/build/include/build.h Expose blackcol variable, containing the palette index closest to #000000

Backported from PCExhumed.
8428 680d 2h hendricks266 /source/build/include/build.h Add a z coordinate parameter to Analyze/AnimateSprites

Backported from NBlood.
8366 690d 12h terminx /source/build/include/build.h Shitcan the few uses of the bool type in the VM after reading some things and dicking around on  
8193 739d 12h terminx /source/build/include/build.h Replace usages of deprecated LZ4_decompress_fast() API with LZ4_decompress_safe() as recommended by current LZ4 documentation  
8171 739d 12h terminx /source/build/include/build.h Implement sys_timer cvar with several different choices of timers to control frame pacing  
8109 772d 8h terminx /source/build/include/build.h Add yax_getzsofslope(), based on getzsofslope_player()  
8082 781d 10h terminx /source/build/include/build.h Fix USE_OPENGL=0 builds  
8050 792d 22h pogokeen /source/build/include/build.h Change some clocks to support sub-tick precision using a new class, ClockTicks.
Using that higher precision, interpolate at a higher granularity.
Further, truncate the target interpolation time to vertical blank boundaries to avoid producing temporal artifacts.
Fix issues caused by interpolation calculations being handled differently in multiple places (and fix cases where smoothratios were being thrown away only to be redone without checking all proper conditions).
Ensure ClockTicks changes do not break other targets (EKenBuild, VoidSW), but note any interpolation there is not similarly updated.
8048 793d 4h terminx /source/build/include/build.h Ultra minor clipping stuff  
7961 807d 8h hendricks266 /source/build/include/build.h Add voxels option to menu, if at least one has been defined  
7933 811d 2h terminx /source/build/include/build.h Happier try_facespr_intersect()

I'm prejudiced against 30-line functions with statements nested 5 levels deep.
7878 816d 8h terminx /source/build/include/build.h getwalldist() tweak  

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